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  1. ANOTHER technique would be to capitalize the first word in a sentence to get their attention, and capitalize the last word to let 'em know you mean BUSINESS. I like that so much, I may start using IT. SOMETIMES it may be hard to tell THOUGH.
  2. @Wrestleknownothing What I think is also interesting is when you compare 3 v 4, 5 v 6, 7 v 8. It's absolutely astounding to me how good PSU is at pushing hard in those matches to win. I'm not looking at this wrong, am I?
  3. @Wrestleknownothing @flyingcement @goStanford18 You three guys are mighty fine at gathering, processing, and presenting data. What I like the best though is that all three of you also try to understand and explain what the data really means, put it in context, explain how it may be misleading, and even ask for input from everybody. You three have my respect, that's for sure.
  4. I've never seen cement fly, but after that I'm not betting against you. Excellent info. Thank you!
  5. I have a prediction... Nicky is gonna put on a lot of weight and join Steveson in the WWE. Tag team called "The Champ and The Chump". Not hard to figure out which is which. Nicky will help Steveson with doing WWE type interviews. Steveson will need a lot of help, his just-off-the-mat interview was way too genuine and thoughtful. Nicky will work on that...
  6. I forgot. The Dean/Deprez call sucked. Of course, that wasn't the refs... That came from "higher up".
  7. Exactly. I think the technology has led to micro-criticism of the refs. We all have nearly as good a view as the refs, maybe sometimes better. The review time is a problem, not the fault of the refs though. I can't find fault with the refs during the match.
  8. Could a feller go back and "recapture" some of his previous likes and "repurpose" them? Asking for a friend.
  9. Not a coward. That's just how The Pastry rolls. See what I did there?
  10. Same place I got all my info on what rounds were on ESPN/U/+.... And what downstream providers carried what content. Gold.
  11. I have a big piece of raspberry pie and glass of chocolate moo juice ready regardless of who wins. That's how I roll.
  12. I'm thinking someone didn't waste their money on your (Stanford?) education.
  13. No, I meant after PSU did so well. And...I bet that's a good time for you.
  14. Tonight's match and Dominos? Lol. I'm sure after the last couple days, nothing anybody says bothers you at all.
  15. A wise young man gave me some advice about that. Can't remember what it was though. I was out at 7am today.
  16. There were only 9 points total in that match? Seemed like 29.
  17. Fans of Bravo Young, go get a sandwich. This isn't to your liking.
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