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  1. DeSanto's chances improve. Matt S. reffing. He likes offense.
  2. Yeah, and @Wrestleknownothing should know better than to agree with Cinnaguy. But we all have our weaknesses.
  3. I always use up my likes too early in the day so my cart's empty, but I'm giving you a trophy, a laugh face, and a heart for that. I would say you're the frontrunner for OC (Outstanding Comment) for 2022.
  4. Excellent summary. Thank you. 133 also went chalk. I think we all know that DeSanto seeded 5 was a misprint starting with the NCAA.
  5. Exactly. I'm not sure I've ever seen a wrestler so blatantly be given a match. Disgusting.
  6. That was 8th grade English at my Middle School.
  7. Early leader Aiello/Dean has been pushed aside by DePrez/Dean. My question is... Exactly when was the (phantom) takedown awarded to Dean? Answer... When Cael questioned the no-call. By the sounds of the crowd, many disagreed with the call. Must be Binghamton brought a lot of fans!
  8. Exactly. Your second paragraph is the gist of the Quality/Management systems utilized by many companies to improve their performance. Now, THAT isn't complicated. Another way to look at it could be: Would you want to fly in an airplane built by ESPN and all their downstream content providers? Some of this reminds me of the old Abbot & Costello "Who's on First" routine.
  9. Confusing? We are only well into three pages on this thread with multiple "solutions". And the Fat Lady is nowhere near even warming up her voice yet.
  10. When I saw zero from NY in the BIG10, I thought that sux. Then I looked at NY in the EIWA and realized... Rob Koll was real good at keeping them home.
  11. And, I'll answer in as non-condescending a way as I can. I personally have a cable subscription which includes (only) ESPN and ESPN2. I bought ESPN+ for a month to watch some of the conference tournaments, which worked fine. I have been able to watch events listed as on ESPNU through this ESPN+ subscription (I guess). Will I be able to watch all of the NCAA tournament? Who knows? I don't. Maybe, contrary to what I've seen on here, ESPNU may be included with ESPN+. Or, the fact I can watch U and maybe shouldn't be able to could very possibly be explained by the fact that my cable/internet provider, Spe**rum, is absolutely clueless. They simply don't know if they're afoot or horseback from what I can tell. BTN, SECN, ACCN are not listed as part of my package. I cannot watch them with my cable box, but can on the Spe**rum app. Make sense? I'm proud to say it makes no sense to me. As a more general statement, I think the simple fact that there are quite a few people on here saying that this is confusing pretty much proves it is confusing. In my dictionary, if people are confused, it is confusing. Remember, we are still a ways away from the tournament. We'll see Sunday morning how much confusion there was. None of us is watching anything yet. Physics and other things are difficult. This crap shouldn't be. BTW, I don't want to die on any hill.
  12. Thank you for clearing that up, Nick Burns. Actually, the wording for what is on where for various ESPN channels or various subscriptions is at best vague and at worst misleading. My only real question is: Is it intentionally misleading or are they actually incapable of explaining something simply and correctly. Knowing what I do about the "technology sector", my money is on the latter.
  13. Whatever CoachWrestling was asking, my answer is: Berge and O'Connor
  14. Do you mean interested in semantics as a general study, or do you mean interested in semantics as related to posts in this forum?
  15. Your "one tenth of a wrestler" reminds me of this exchange between Andy and Opie: Sheriff Andy Taylor : Why, I was readin' here just the other day where there's somewhere like four hundred needy boys in this county alone, or... or-or one and a half boys per square mile. Opie Taylor : There is? Sheriff Andy Taylor : There sho' is. Opie Taylor : I never seen one, Pa. Sheriff Andy Taylor : Never seen one, what? Opie Taylor : A half a boy. Sheriff Andy Taylor : Well, it's not really a half a boy. It's a ratio. Opie Taylor : Horatio who? Sheriff Andy Taylor : Not Horatio. A ratio. It's mathematics - arithmetic. Look, now, Opie, just... forget... forget that part of it. F-f-forget the part about the half a boy. Opie Taylor : It's pretty hard to forget a thing like that, Pa. Sheriff Andy Taylor : Well, try. Opie Taylor : Poor Horatio. The big drop from (6,7,8) to (9,10) is also fascinating. It's almost like there may be some psychological "perform to seed, or not" thing here. 6, 7, 8 expected to AA, 9, 10 not expected to. Or, am I like a man with a hammer, and everything looks like a nail?
  16. I miss ConnorsDad. Very decent guy from when I started on here just about a year ago. He passed away tragically. Gone but not forgotten. Social media can be a bunch of BS, and sometimes we have our differences on here, but I'm very happy to be part of this community. A lot of very smart and funny people on here who also love wrestling.
  17. I think that's similar to the strategery Cinnabon uses to aid PSU. I'm not sure he knows it though. He may be aiming for the reverse-reverse psychology. Or I may be overanalyzing The Pastry.
  18. Well, he has to win first. I know, I know...but strange things happen. He could get hurt or something. He's out there rolling around with other 250+ lb guys. Very, very small chance he loses otherwise.
  19. I'm thinking 165 is tougher, but there are sure some tough customers "hiding" at 157. Examples O'Connor #11, Berge #16. I could see either of them top 4, maybe higher.
  20. With your name, that makes sense. I almost picked him also. He has looked real good when I've seen him.
  21. @flyingcement We ought to do a contest. Probably too late for this year. Next year, God willing and if the creeks don't rise. No money, one 1st prize. Winner gets to have bragging rights for one year. Scoring: 1pt for each correct place. (I thought about 8 for first, 7 2nd, 6 3rd, etc, but heck it's harder to pick 8th right than first.) We just need to figure a way to "submit" and verify the entries. I have an idea, but not sure how practical it is. Everyone could send an email of their completed sheet (pdf?) to my gmail acct before the tournament. After the tournament is over, everyone tallies up their sheet and sends simply their score as the subject to my gmail. I check the score emails for the highest number. I then check the highest score's completed sheet to make sure he/she was accurate. I have no idea if this makes sense, how many entries we'd get, the "capacity" of my gmail, and other things I'm sure I haven't thought of. What do you think?
  22. Here's my guesses. I hope attaching a .pdf works... Named in honor of ConnorsDad, who passed away way too soon. ConnorsDad-BP.pdf
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