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  1. That certainly doesn't explain the falls decreasing by more than half in the 6 years previous to 1985.
  2. Sample size? Of course, I agree with what you said about pins being more likely in matches involving less skilled wrestlers, even if "evenly matched". (I've watched some PeeWee matches.) Wouldn't this fall under "evolution of the sport" and "dispersion of technique and training" umbrellas as an explanation of fewer falls? Much more "cross polination of programs". I was only saying that I thought there were explanations other than rule changes. I should have known better than to get involved in this. Deal me out.
  3. I don't see how parity would not be a factor. To take the simplest case, would it be more likely to see a pin in the #1 vs (#32/#33 winner), or in the #16 vs #17 match?
  4. I have been to Lake Ontario and have looked at sailboats through good binoculars and can see the curvature. That's good enough for me.
  5. I'm still trying to figure out why we don't just fly off. Maybe the earth is flat, and this rotation stuff is all a lie.
  6. Steveson is THE heavy favorite. Can I get an Amen?
  7. Fixed it. Man, I couldn't wait to use that word myself. It felt gooood.
  8. Please clarify... Human years, dog years, epochs, radiometric dating...? I've seen them all. Let me tell you about the big flood we had a while back...
  9. I read a lot and in 69 years I've never seen that word. Heard it a few times. Well played Vak.
  10. The last I saw of CinnaCoins, they were being used at the carwash and batting cages out on Rt 49. They were designed with the slot down the middle, so no one could use plain slugs. Made from 100% recycled Schlitz cans. That's what they call crypto, right?
  11. I think the answer to both questions comes not from data analysis, but from the eye test, and a little thought. I think many more kids, especially in high level matchups are wrestling to not lose, rather than to win. It also may have something to do with the simple spread of knowledge, techniques, and training compared to yesteryear. Not as many mis-matches. I think this is happening in many areas other than wrestling.
  12. She's now 67. She's still adorable, but just like me, older.
  13. I did not know that. When you look at what those 2 did in HS, college, and after college...hard to top that match.
  14. 1993, 134 lbs. Jaworsky over Kolat. I think most people thought Kolat would never lose a match. He ran out of gas. Jaworsky was 3x NCAA champ though.
  15. Don't be fooled by the arms, pecs, etc. I've met many youngsters anymore who look like Charles Atlas from a distance. I shake hands with them and their hands are like my wife's when she was 25. Soft and chubby. I suspect Noodle-Arms had vise grip hands. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been so deadly with that cradle.
  16. In the immortal words of Roberto Duran..."No mas". Take the pot.
  17. Sure. You'll be all in. I won't be.
  18. Man, you guys aren't messing around. I was just testing the water and you guys go big time... Warning: I have an unlimited supply of stupid threads available right here in my head.
  19. I'm....almost....feeling a Wentzel/Kharchla bet coming on here. Almost.
  20. If they both get through, I want to see Wentzel/Kharchla. That should be good. Wentzel may surprise again this year.
  21. Last year's finalists seeded #5 and #10? I'm not sure who should move where, but that's sure strange.
  22. So, for the ten years it looks like PSU outperforms Iowa by a little less than one (place vs seed). At first, I thought that was small potatoes, but then I realized... Small potatoes if you're seeded 16, not small potatoes if you're seeded 1. They may want to hire you in Vegas.
  23. @Wrestleknownothing I'm out of bullets for today, so I can't give you a like. Excellent post both about Marinelli's willingness to accept advice, and on JB's poise, intelligence, etc. It is very cool seeing a wrestling legend like JB also setting such a great example off the mat. As much as he's done for the sport on the mat, he may even do more for the future behind a mic. His classroom time wasn't wasted. I'm curious... Anyone know what his major, degree(s) were?
  24. Of course I could nitpick at some of your individual assumptions, but I like this analysis a lot. Kinda "bottom lines" it. I do question what you have for PSU in the heavier weights. There are some very good wrestlers coming from other conferences (ex. 2Hidlays, Mekhi Lewis). Of course this also affects Michigan and Iowa (equally?), so I still like your bottom line. Very cool.
  25. @flyingcement Wow! My eyes hurt just scanning over your data. Great job.
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