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  1. Exactly, WKN. While each of the individual point totals The Pastry came up with may be "possible", the chances of (nearly) all of them happening I estimate at slightly < snowball in heck. I'm with you on the under. You're here to stay, but that Pastry is mighty slippery
  2. Folkstyle or Freestyle? I saw him at Cornell a few weeks ago and he looked pretty lean, even his face (no mask if anyone asks). I think some of the bigger guys could ride him in folkstyle. Freestyle, I think he could beat everybody up to and including 184. Freestyle 197, not sure. Cool question though.
  3. I suspect Ferrari's trajectory from here on is not up. In NCAA wrestling and in life. But, who knows... A lot of today's "influencer's" success baffles me.
  4. Maybe some actual college courses would help some of these young men sound more intelligent. Heck, they may even become more intelligent. There is life after wrestling. It just starts sooner or later.
  5. I think the finish vs seed for the various schools is probably the best info that could come out of this. As you say though, it has to be viewed with respect to the initial seed to begin with. As a little bit more of an explanation for everybody, a #1 seed obviously can't improve, and an unseeded wrestler can't do worse. The better teams (Iowa, PSU, etc) will receive higher seeds, making it more likely to underperform. The lower tier teams (Campbell, Virginia, etc) will receive lower seeds, making it more likely to outperform. Even when you're not trying to spin data a certain way, it's difficult to draw and present valid conclusions. Maybe we/you can add info showing the final team score each year. Maybe something will show up from that??? Anyway, good job WKN.
  6. Maybe I didn't say it correctly. Of course Steveson beats his opponents by a larger margin and is more talented. But Brooks is just so smooth and makes so very few mistakes. I guess that's what I meant.
  7. Does anybody in the country make winning look easier than Aaron Brooks?
  8. I pretty much agree. For me, not having the match score and time was disappointing and confusing. Also, you were limited to one match, sometimes two. It was entertaining, but could have been much better. I watched on ESPN+.
  9. Man, I hate it when my panties get wadded. It's usually because the elastic is worn out, time for new ones. That reminds me of a joke: A guy has a nice sports car he always hand washes and dries. After drying it, he always polishes it with worn-out women's undies. A very attractive young lady moves into the house next door. She sees him polishing his car and goes out to tell him how nice it is. He explains that he uses worn-out women's undies to polish it. Since he's on his last pair, he asks her what she does with hers when she wears them out. She replies: "I wear them home if I can find them".
  10. You talkin' to me? Hey, are you talking to me?
  11. What percentage were riding in carts? If less than 90%, there was something wrong with your sample.
  12. I expected to get a reaction from you, but that certainly wasn't it.
  13. Desanto/Lee doesn't count. Desanto/Lee was back in the cave man days, before man had mastered the art of stalling defense from neutral. Today's wrestlers who aren't interested in engaging from neutral against a Cro-Magnon like Desanto have perfected moonwalking defense to win 2-1 or 3-2 matches without resorting to barbaric tactics like shooting initiating action. Today's stalling strategy makes wrestling much more entertaining for everyone.
  14. Finally something that's understandable showing what's on BTN and BTN+. I'm assuming it's correct, because it came from BTN. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/25564
  15. In both cases, not good guessers, but pretty good at Usernames.
  16. Belt? Man, you gotta get those stretchy britches.
  17. The program I may see Pat Pop leaving NCST for would be Pitt. A wealth of in-state talent, but he may be left with Cael's hand me downs. Of course he already seems to be able to recruit Pa to NCST. I don't know how in love with Gavin Pitt is. In the context of Rob Koll leaving CU for Stanford, which was almost out of business, I guess the answer is... Who knows??
  18. From that line of thinking, I'd say about a 50/50 chance NCST gets a national champ. Working backward from there, we could give all 4 a 16% chance and poof, there it is. Not realistic, but elegant in its simplicity. The Ag school would be proud. Even simpler and maybe more realistic would be to forget Hayden and Trumble, and give Tariq and Hoagie 30% chance each and again we're close to 50%. Hey, this knowing what you want the answer to be and working the facts to fit is fun. I may have a second career in politics...
  19. I was very impressed with Hamiti on top. Constantly working for the turn. And he has quite an arsenal on top. He could be big trouble in the postseason. Do you think he can maintain that activity for 2 or 3 days?
  20. I'm guessing Hamiti doesn't get called for stalling a lot. Now, he's fun to watch.
  21. That's what we called... Draw the curve, then plot the data.
  22. ^^ Yes. ^^ If Labs had more loses, that probably outweighs the head to head, but even # of loses, I think you're right. We'll see. Anyway, some good matchups coming.
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