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  1. Flynn should have bought that kid a happy meal after that.
  2. I saw that and was wondering what the hey he was doing. I'm glad I'm not the only one.
  3. I hope your comment was as tongue-in-cheek as mine was. Did you watch Neb @PSU? The ref was someone a buddy of mine's son had a couple of wars with in HS. When they both wrestled in HS, you knew there was going to be some action. I saw that he reffed pretty much like he wrestled, though like most of us he's put on a few lbs. A stalling call on each 125 lber in the first 2 periods. On the match thread on here, many people commented on how they liked the way he kept the matches going. Until he called Beard for stalling 2x in the last 5 sec. That was strange. Some PSU homies took offense to that, others said he was correct by the rules. I don't at all think he was about making the match about himself, just making sure both kids wrestled. Maybe that's something our sport needs more of. Please check the match out and see if you agree.
  4. Are you watching in person or on...?
  5. 20+ years of book-learnin', almost 70 years of living, I don't think I've ever used that word. I've been waiting a long time to squeeze that in.
  6. I think referees should get a flat rate per match and an $X incentive pay per stalling call, and a $Y incentive pay per stalemate call.
  7. I think that was my go-to "being returned to the mat" move. Hey, where did you wrestle in HS? Lol.
  8. A good friend of mine's son had some wars with the ref in HS. Like most of us, he's put on a few pounds, but he wrestled just like he refs...no waltzing. I love it.
  9. Is it just my imagination or is Beard beginning to look like Dean? Not wrestlingwise, but physically? He didn't look like this last year.
  10. Quick stall and stalemate calls. Pay attention gentlemen, we're gonna have a wrestling match, not a snoozefest.
  11. Especially when the "techer" was doing the Ali Shuffle ahead by 10 with 25 sec left. I'm gonna assume he's not a pre-med major...
  12. Less than 2 periods in first match, stalling call on each wrestler. I love it! Maybe he'll ref next DeSanto/Bravo-Young
  13. Matt Sorochinsky, Johnson City, NY reffing
  14. Michael Bolton, Trent Hilger, Fabio. Triplets?
  15. On a positive note for all of us... That ref has been invisible. Excellent job.
  16. After seeing some of the Iowa moms in the stands, I can only assume that some of the Iowa dads are hard drinkin' men.
  17. Absolutely. I saw that. The kid was completely flat and Hilde had both legs and (moslly had) both arms completely wrapped up. Crazy when the refs do that.
  18. Maybe Cael and his crew will share a doobie with him before the match tomorrow. BTW, I actually thought he was extremely patient before calling for stalling last night.
  19. No, he was trying to work the crowd into a frenzy (?) when he tripped over an Evian bottle left on the floor by a "front rower". Hurt his wrist trying to break his fall.
  20. Even after a half hour on Google, this is the only part I understand. That made it worth it though.
  21. I have a question: When Brucki tweaked his knee, a trainer came out to tend to him. For these major programs, are the trainers MDs, PTs, or ???
  22. That actually happened? I though I dreamt it when I took a(nother) snooze.
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