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  1. Asian Games postponed. So the headache of who to send for that compared to worlds is no longer an issue.
  2. Is there a list of Final X entries?
  3. Goleij and Mohammadian will need a best of 3 to see who should go to worlds. In a non Sadulaev competing world, those 2 and Snyder are top 3 in the world probably. It's close, they have 2 different styles, Goleij being the more underhook heavy and Mohammadian being able to be more dynamic and shoot, age favours Goleij. I enjoyed how good Mohammadian's defense and countering was in the final though, he managed to turn some deep shots from the Mongolian into points for himself. If it wasn't for that 1 loss which etches in to the mind at Tokyo in the first match vs Georgia, I would be definitely favouring Mohammadian overall. But it sounds like there was a lot of things wrong for the Tokyo team in terms of atmosphere and what not. I slightly prefer Mohammadian, but give me a 2 out of 3 between these 2 and may the best man win and represent Iran at worlds.
  4. I expect Mohammadian to 10-0 him. We will see. Would like to see a match of Savadkouhi and Nokhodi in the near future. And Bajrang vs Amouzad should be a good match and a real test for Rahman to see where he is at currently.
  5. Iran doing pretty bad in GR on day 1 on the whole.
  6. Ah brilliant! Glad you got it.
  7. Irani, did you ever get that singlet for your friend in the end?
  8. Alongside Belarussian athletes and officials. All international events in these countries this year also cancelled. Mad and sad times in all aspects. Unitedworldwrestling.org has more.
  9. That's it official. Fifa and Uefa have suspended all Russian clubs and the NT from comps. After the IOC recommended that Russian and Belarusian officials and athletes also be banned, wrestling may follow suit. Sad times all round really in all regards.
  10. Yazdani vs Green should be a good match
  11. Good day so far for the FS team. Most are in the semis with a shot of heading to their finals. Feel really bad for Savadkouhi at 79kg who was on his was to being the first Iranian to beat Burroughs and got a harsh caution and 1 against him with 15 seconds on the clock for a singlet grab. Couldn't see the angle that well from the stream but he was on his way to win that match.
  12. Any of my friends on here able to post a link to todays episode of "Dayere talaei"?
  13. Strange cause UWW have a very different list than the one Iranian websites are saying. Including Hasan Yazdani, Goleij etc. But I think your lost is accurate
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