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  1. 192-10 international record. GOAT
  2. dake has been and never be wrestler jb is. This could be dakes ONLY olympic appearance. To compare him to jb is a disgrace
  3. dake won't touch gold
  4. lol dake is a joke and we should be ashamed he is in the olympics
  5. dake won't touch gold. No shots in 2 matches?!? lol
  6. most overrated wrestler I have ever seen. Stalling at his best. he'll never get gold. Big time liberal punk. Let him have his fame. He'll always be in JBS shadow
  7. can't even begin to cheer for dake, he is a punk. Hate to see him represent USA
  8. both statements are very true
  9. he had 1 bad tournament.... Nobody really wants to see crybaby Dake represent the U.S.
  10. Why wouldn't we want Jb to win? He's great for the sport
  11. what makes you say this? Have you seen Dake? lmao
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