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  1. A few more points. Most NIL laws (each state has different laws and if no state law was passed, then the NCAA defaulted to the University) specifically state the compensation is not to be tied to performance (i.e. getting benched or playing below expectations). Outside of the big deals some of the QBs got, I think most of the NIL deals have been set up with upfront payments (Here is a few bucks to wear our shirt or eat at our restaurant and post it on social media) and not season long deals, so I don't think most players will "lose" something they don't have, if a deal is not renewed. Regardless of that, as mentioned above it is very unlikely such a lawsuit would be successful because you would somehow have to prove the coach acted against their own self-interest in benching a superior player. A coach would almost have to come out and say "jimmy is a bad guy and no one should ever buy anything he endorses" for such a claim to be successful.
  2. If Micic comes back it will be his 8th. He took Olympic redshirts in both 2016 and 2020. Typically the NCAA only gives guys 1 extra year for medical redshirts.
  3. GBR!


    Incorrect. The more exclusive the club the more prestige it has. Doubling the winners every year because the decision was difficult or a close call does reduce the exclusiveness. What it does not do is diminish how deserving both guys are of the award. Nolf was also deserving, but there was only one winner that year and he finished his career without a Hodge (unfortunately). Happy for both guys. They both deserve it.
  4. GBR!


    Splitting it diminishes the value award. If the final vote was close, then just say "in the closest vote in the history of the award... Spencer/Gable won" And, unless the rules allowed someone to split their vote, anyone who did split their vote should not be allowed to vote anymore. You are picking the best, not the two best wrestlers.
  5. Willie is doing a show on Rokfin as well
  6. Lee Fix Eierman O'Connor Deakin Bull Kemerer Hidlay Amine Gable
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