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  1. When I was a junior I weighed 95 pounds and wrestled JV 103 pounders and won around half my matches. As a senior I weighed 112 and cut to 103 weekly. I was sucked out and 3 PBJ Sammie later I would slam kids around the mat on varsity the way JV kids did to me. I think cutting weight has some real advantages if your skill level is not top 5 percent.
  2. Disagree- someone would win This match 2/3 times but I couldn't say which guy. I'm assuming they wrestle at 133 and Suriano has a season to bulk back up- the idea of a 125 pounder wrestling a 133 pounder is ridiculous.
  3. It was great. McKee must be so strong he can turn guys seemingly at will. He and Barnett both are super dangerous near fall guys. This weight class had some really fun turns every round. This class has some young guys left and will just keep slow burning hopefully for another year!
  4. That’s awesome- he won me over as a fan. He had some tough draws and really showed some guts versus Lamont !
  5. We can all use a little therapy !
  6. So Looking back on this I have some thoughts: 1) the Big 12 lightweights certainly didn’t bring it- Mastro got injured and faded down stretch of season and Terukina’s weaknesses became exposed with wider competition 2) Schroder did Schroder and choked and it was sad to see such a good wrestler go out with such a hot and cold career 3) the dark horses of Kaylor and DeAugustino came through and really impressed me (Kaylor got a lot stronger this year and improved a ton on both top and bottom whereas DeAugustino got a bit more active even after Northwestern barely wrestling any matches this season ) 4) McKee did what McKee does and dominated the backside of the bracket. 5) Cardinale made a boneheaded move and should definitely have placed top 5! 6) Latona and Lamont Taylor definitely showed up when it counted and were dangerous wrestlers still in spite of early season struggles 7) this weight proved hard to pick as one favorite and two underdogs placed ! Thanks for participating. What a tournament ! Glad wrestling is back to full power again. Long live the tourney!
  7. I am super skeptical cuz of how non-offensive he wrestles and he lives by the edge of the close match but with a lot of luck I have him taking 8th to Schroder's 7th. I'm making a couple bold bets like Cardinale and Barnett over the favored guys. I have 1 Suriano 2 Arujau 3 Cardinale 4 Glory 5 Barnett 6 Courtney 7 Schroder 8 DeAUG To me Cardinale has wrestled so tough this year, lost his shoulder brace and he took it to Spencer Lee last year
  9. 1 Suriano 2 Arujau 3 Cardinale 4 Glory 5 Barnett 6 Courtney 7 Schroder 8 DeAugustino This was tough. Hildebrandt is screwed with potential run-ins with Noto, Suriano, McKee-Terukina, Barnett, DeAugustino-LaMont
  10. Alirez is so good and should place. He took Woods into deep waters. 141 has the best mix of top heavy plus depth. 149 has absolutely the most depth. And 184 might be the most top heavy. I know everyone says 165 look oiut but I'm not as excited as everyone else about that weight. At 184 the top 4 guys have career records of 308 wins and 36 losses. That is unbelievable
  11. Wow. Nick Lee has ice in his veins and if I was dropping Eierman id be moving Woods way up but I haven’t seen the bracket yet ! I can’t see Lee losing
  12. I am working on mine but I have heinselman out after two matches with awful draws of Lamont and a kaylor. Kaylor has a rough draw himself in Barnett.
  13. I think Eierman finishes 2 to 6, Marinelli 1 to 5, and Murin 4 to 12. I do think Murin AA this year. Kemerer seems the most injured and shaky of this group but has a high ceiling of 3-5
  14. My junior year leaving 7 on 7 football, I was sitting in back middle. My friend made a left in a Honda Accord and a 70 year old woman accelerated into us at close to 45 in a huge Cadillac. Our car did 180 and then we hit another car and I elbowed my teammate’s face into the glass. My teammate sat out of sports for 15 months. One match into wrestling he was re-concussed. He never played sports again. I had to testify at this insurance hearing which was super awkward because my good friend was the driver and didn’t want his auto rates permanently impaired and my teammate clearly suffered major medical needs. I still don’t know how the woman accelerating into a turning car didn’t suffer any financial consequences.
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