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  1. Askren has been good at everything he's tried. Paul has absolutely no talent at anything. Those of us who got this at better than 2:1 months ago are feeling pretty good right now.
  2. I would think at least one those guys looks at his chances at a 165 title and makes the cut. Agree with you @VakAttack, Hidlay at 174 seems a little ridiculous, as he looks about 5'7.
  3. Maybe he has compromising photos, or maybe he left a duffel bag of cash in Bo's hotel room
  4. Bo wrestles for NLWC, so Cael kinda does employ him
  5. "Earned" is a very strong word for what happened in that US Open.
  6. Yeah, that guy, who is definitely JP O'Connor and not just some random guy, is kind of a jerk
  7. I understand cauliflower ear, but what exactly is going on there?
  8. Wow that red singlet really does not flatter Bo's complexion
  9. Glad they randomly started 65 while 57 was still going on
  10. Dake didn't even celebrate, but instead consoled Burroughs. Classy, but I was hoping he would flex on him lol
  11. Dake finally beats Burroughs, and they still find a way to make it all about Jordan
  12. Yes, he appeared to be favoring Dake's right eyeball over his left. Let's see if Burroughs makes the adjustment in the second match
  13. They canceled the midget division after Spencer and Suriano weren't able to make it
  14. The MFS matches should have all been on the feature mat. That's what most people want to see, but they put women's and Greco there to try to trick you into watching it.
  15. Wow they go 15 minutes without a MFS match, and then do this....
  16. Pretty sure KJ got confused about the difference between Eastern time and Central time, and told Cox the wrong weigh-in time.
  17. Yes, Burroughs is physically trying to get into Dake's head through his eye sockets
  18. Burroughs is a dirty wrestler. Open hand punches, constant eye gouges. And he gets away with it all. Glad to see Dake get the W
  19. This reminds me of the UFC making Jessica Eye the co-main event. Just do it separately, and if people want to watch it, they will.
  20. Nickal and McKenna. Surprised to see more people thinking Valencia has a chance over Nickal.
  21. 57- Suriano 65- Retherford 74- Dake 86- Taylor 97- Snyder 125- Steveson
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