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  1. 1 minute ago, Katie said:

    JB earned the bye to the finals in 2017 after winning the US Open (where he beat Dake).  JB also won worlds every year Dake competed against him in the WTT, so it seems like the system worked -- at least, in their case.  Dake finally caught JB, and it'll be interesting to see what he can do at the Olympics.

    "Earned" is a very strong word for what happened in that US Open.

  2. Just now, wrestlingnerd said:

    This is why I called him a legend but didn't say he lost with class. I get they're rivals. A little bush league though. Every time Dake has lost, and it has been many, he has called JB a GOAT, incredible competitor, etc.

    Also, he didn't have to pay his respects at the end after beating him. He could've just slapped him in the ass a few times. 

    Dake didn't even celebrate, but instead consoled Burroughs. Classy, but I was hoping he would flex on him lol 

  3. Just now, Class said:

    As they should, and we should now.  This tourney could have much some simple adjustments to significantly improve the fan/viewer experience.


    The MFS matches should have all been on the feature mat. That's what most people want to see, but they put women's and Greco there to try to trick you into watching it.

  4. 12 minutes ago, Weems said:

    Sometimes authorities need to use a little discretion. Would the wrestling community be in an uproar over two minutes? "Oh, Cox? He's basically Taymazov, total fraud, that guy's on 10:02 weigh-ins."

    This whole thing really vindicates Carl Schmitt. The wrestling sovereign should just declare a state of exception. Rules come from USAW, not USAW from rules.

    OK based

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