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  1. So what does that have to do with 2021 NCAA rankings? Looking at 2021 AAs, I see Wentzel at #2, but I don't see goldenboy anywhere...
  2. So are you claiming it's physical? Look, whatever the issue is with DeSanto (and I suspect it is a spectrum disorder), it is a mental health issue that can be treated. IMO they have done a great job at Iowa helping Austin. I don't know what happened this weekend, but I hope it isn't as bad as some people claimed. I will reserve judgment.
  3. Noodler


    Media will always reach out, it's what they do. They will always show some more than others, but if you're at a public event, you can be photographed without consent. Media will not stop filming just because you told them to stay away.
  4. Let's make the mats big enough that the athletes can wrestle without having to worry about this nonsense. It's easy to do and it needs to happen.
  5. Good point. People forget about that (including me), but obviously it's a huge factor for Jarod. If Verk goes 149, Kem will have to wrestle off with Badgett at 157, and Burnett will take a RS. That's probably the ideal actually.
  6. Damn, you're really letting that $25,000 salary go to your head. No one really cares about what you write bro; you're not that important.
  7. Thank you! This is what I've been saying the whole thread!
  8. LMAO. He was getting shut out and his face was getting stuffed into the mat, with a turn (and major) coming soon. Call it what you want, but goldenboy got whooped bad.
  9. Please read the other part of my reply. It is nothing against Brooks or anyone else. That part of the mat should not be there for him to grab. It should be filled by a couple extra feet of mat so that they can wrestle within the rules, without the "touching the floor" limitation. This is an obvious and quick fix for NCAA wrestling.
  10. My biggest problem with the rankings is that they clearly put some guys on a pedestal, and then use every excuse to not knock them down, while simultaneously claiming that it's "objective" and "results based." They had Mekhi as the #1 guy going into NCAAs after getting HAMMERED by Wentzel. I mean come on.
  11. I'm not defending Hidlay's actions through the whole match. I am simply talking about this sequence. My post is about improving our sport, not partisanship. I agree Hidlay stalled too much without getting called. I couldn't care less who won the match. I love wrestling, and it is embarrassing that our sport is so poorly regulated/officiated.
  12. I think it's Verk's choice. He could beat Pitt's 149 and 157. For Pitt, it's better that he go 157, as Mick Burnett has a lot of potential at 149, but is growing into the weight. Kemerer either bumps to 157 or backs up Burnett at 149 IMO.
  13. Columbus is a terrible city. OSU is a terrible school and an ugly campus. This looks like the beginning of the end of OSU wrestling as an elite program.
  14. Can't believe the amount of people defending what Brooks did as a legitimate defensive tactic. I guarantee you would get called for a penalty point for that in any high school match. How about this? We put a couple feet of extra mat on the sides, so these guys can actually wrestle within the rules! Then we can see who is better on the mat, without all this nonsense of "touching the floor"!!
  15. Noodler


    I assume it's a media connection. He is handsome/photogenic, so maybe that helps. They show other parents, but seem to hone in on Ferrari Sr. Maybe because AJ is such a star? Could be a combination, but they are clearly pushing Ferrari.
  16. Since when is autism not a mental health issue lol
  17. Jarod Verkleeren in the portal. Good chance he goes back home to Pitt to fill the middleweight void.
  18. Flo rankings are garbage. By the criteria they use to justify the rankings, Mekhi should still be #1, since he didn't lose by anything but med forfeit. Why did Wentzel not pass Lewis after handedly beating him in a duel (which Lewis forfeited while losing in the 3rd period), but passed him after nationals (which Lewis also forfeited out of)? Drop the "scientific" bs, because the guys at Flo aren't smart enough to keep their own rules straight.
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    Either TFBJR is claiming it's real, or he wrote a strangely obsessive fanfic...
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    If this is real, Mr. Ferrari sounds like a wonderful father.
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    Wentzel is coming back for the extra year. Nino is only a junior, so he's back. Good chance Greg Harvey comes back at 184 too. 149- probably Mick Burnett over Kemerer 157- Badgett or a transfer 184- Harvey Hwt- Austin Cooley I'm guessing redshirts for all the freshmen. PA AAA champ Luca Augustine could certainly push McGill at 174 though.
  22. Please, no weights below 125, that would just be sad.
  23. Moving 197 to around 205 wouldn't be a bad idea. Heavyweight limit should be at least 300.
  24. Grabbing the mat like Brooks did to stop a takedown should be an automatic penalty point. In no way is that a legitimate defensive tactic. MORE IMPORTANTLY, there needs to be an extra piece of mat on the edges so we don't have to deal with guys touching the gym floor in the first place. I like the NCAA out of bounds rule, but it is consistently undermined by not having the proper size of mat to support it.
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