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    Noodler reacted to Dartsingle in Stalling on top ....It's a PROBLEM   
    NCAA Wrestling needs to address the stalling that is going on....particularly in the top position.  Is the purpose of the top position just to hold the guy ....or to turn/score?  Guys are continually allowed to remain parallel, hook the ankle (RBY), and chop out arms just to keep the guy from standing.  This equals no scoring/less action.  The NCAA should look at athletes who had the most riding time in the tournament and how many turns they had.  Aside from Spencer Lee - I think we have a problem.  
    Refs obviously need direction/guidance on how to officiate in this situation!  
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    Noodler reacted to Casey in Pitt   
    I just wanted to give a shout out to Pitt who had 2 finalists.  Neither won obviously but I hope this helps them mine the ridiculous talent-rich area they reside in.    
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    Noodler reacted to ShakaAloha in Time for a Light Heavyweight Class?   
    No one wants to see a Malik Heinselman-Kirk McHenry final.  Could they even fill a 33 man bracket?
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    Noodler reacted to wrestlingphish in Time for a Light Heavyweight Class?   
    I wouldn't add a new class but would adjust the weights. 
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    Noodler reacted to pish6969 in Spey!! We Have a new Ranking Controversy   
    Ridiculous and probably true. Problem with him is he thinks it’s all a joke. Flo has lost so much credibility this last year and these guys still think it’s a joke.

    I’ll be cancelling as soon as trials are over. Just tired of the smugness (and it’s not all Spey).

    They have no insiders, and that’s what’s killing them. They have a bunch of fans but no sources. They screwed themselves when they got rid of Willie. He was the one insider they had.

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    Noodler reacted to Boompa in Is this a new record for minority NCAA champions in a single year?   
    Are Italians considered non white?
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    Noodler reacted to Rocep in Is this a new record for minority NCAA champions in a single year?   
    O’Conner would not have been considered white until the 20th Century. For most of history the Irish were considered “non-white.”
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