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  1. I'm a little ashamed that I only just heard of Cheyney! I hope a school with such strong historical significance will find a good path forward. PS good job completing MM2
  2. Clever! I'm sure no one has made that joke yet
  3. Isn't that required for any competition?
  4. It's gonna be awesome. I would take the field over Micic, but Micic over any one wrestler.
  5. IMO the deciding factor for Micic coming back and wrestling folk this year was NCAAs being in Detroit. So in my mind, he's pretty motivated. At this point I would pick him to win (mostly because he's 25).
  6. I don't know about "Mad Man" as a nickname for someone who's on the spectrum.
  7. He looked rough at Big 10s last year, then pretty dang good at NCAAs.
  8. That is an assistant coach in basically any competitive sport. That is what they do. There's a reason. He might be a bad guy, idk anything else about him, but THAT doesn't make him a bad guy.
  9. Right? Shame on that poor woman's family for using her death to peddle dangerous conspiracy theories.
  10. I just self-reported to that website that I had a heart attack, a miscarriage and died three times immediately after getting the Moderna vaccine. It took about five minutes! No verification necessary. Great source.
  11. Ya quoted the wrong person. @jross made that comparison.
  12. I try to cut him some slack. All of our brains work a little differently, including Ben's and that's no fault of his. I did think he was pretty far out there today though.
  13. As usual, the truth lies somewhere in the middle...as many are saying a NU degree is unquestionably more valuable than a OSU degree. A "wrestling degree" from John Smith is also unquestionably more valuable than a wrestling degree from Matt Storniolo. I think this shows CY fully (as fully as possible as a teenager, at least) committing to a career in wrestling instead of hedging his bets with a better degree from (all due respect) a lesser wrestling school. It's a gamble, if he doesn't break through and make it as a top senior level athlete then this was probably not a good move and he might wish he had the better degree. If he makes it, then it was a good move.
  14. He understands. He's being disinegenuous.
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