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  1. I see four guys who could win 141 versus six at 165, that seems comparable. Not even counting my guy Wentzel for now--I'm not sure if he actually has a takedown this year which is um, less than ideal at this point in the season.
  2. Were any of you Ohio State people the guy in the middle of the Wyo section, loudly commentating all the finals? Called everyone "that Schroder kid" or "that Nick Lee kid" or "that Ridge Lovett kid" or "that Ramirez kid." If you know his name, why not just say "Schroder???" It takes three times as many words to say "that Ramirez kid" if you already know his name. Alternatively, feel free to just shut the hell up and let everyone else enjoy the matches :)
  3. Let's go easy over there, Squirrely Dan
  4. Wood is also either up or down a bunch of weight, I forget which; Kerkvliet all day for me though. 133 and 149 (should be Man Bryant, not Hoffman I think) will be fun.
  5. I'm not a big C Scott guy, think his behavior in the box does not set a good example for young men--but to invoke "ducking" on the coach that at that point (Army wrestled Iowa the next day) had written and wrestled the toughest schedule in the country, is just hilarious UNC has wrestled seven duals, four top 20 teams. Nine of the top ten in dual rankings haven't even wrestled four duals yet. Moore wrestled twice. Jaime and Heilmann are splitting time so yeah if it's a double dual, one guy is going to start each. Clarke looked good at the start and bad at the end of his first match, noticeably winded in the 3rd period against an unranked guy. Would you send him out against Rivera two hours later? Also his last match at 141 was at 2018 EIWAs so maybe chill out for a second and let him get down to his new weight. Sherman slumping hard, lost a fourth straight match in a row and probably one he believed he would win. Who knows where his head was at afterwards. Phillips was listed along with Sherman as probable starters. Everyone who made the trip and was listed as a possible starter wrestled, except Queen at 197. O'Connor wrestled twice. Santiago and Mazzara are splitting time. Santiago looks rough at 165, btw. That does not seem like his weight Lautt wrestled twice. Kane wrestled once and this is the only one I don't get, because Chaid is getting just pantsed every time they send him out there. Not sure what that's about Max Shaw wrestled twice against Amos and Bulsak Whitman wrestled twice. This is dumb
  6. If you like money, find what odds you can get with your local bookie on exact score Spencer Lee d. Nick Suriano 3-1 SV in the NCAA finals.
  7. Is English Suriano's first language?
  8. Sounds like the staff was right...but no harm done (as long as nothing was reinjured). Gotta give credit to Foy too! He has always been good but could have jumped levels in a short time at Minnesota.
  9. Nonetheless, I would loooooove to have heard that phone call where you just know Tom Brands and Kevin Ward haggled on how many Hawkeye starters had to sit for Army to take the match haha
  10. I was converted to wrestling a good two years after that match (it was 2018 i think?) but I know that Daton is very short and Mickey is very tall. He's like a coordinated Boo Dryden.
  11. I feel 100% of the pain of this post
  12. Aiello was at 97kg/213lb for U23s so that might explain why he's taking longer.
  13. God bless Coleman Scott for this fall schedule.
  14. Maybe they should all wrestle to see who gets ranked highest, like at the end of the year or something.
  15. Here's how the remaining tourneys could look at 165: CKLV: Wick, Griffith, Romero, Kharchla, Amine, J Ramirez Niceville: Marinelli, O'Toole, Valencia Midlands: Marinelli, Wick, Wentzell, Hartman Scuffle: Griffith, O'Toole, Wittlake
  16. Whoa. Peyton Robb was three seconds away from beating #2 and #1 in the same week. Robb was up 5-2, Carr escape at about :20, Carr takedown at :03 and Carr takedown fifteen seconds into SV off a poor Robb shot.
  17. This is a really strange thing to get all worked up about.
  18. You'd get two entirely different answers from the wrestler and the parent, because their brains function differently. The parent got in the zone watching his kid wrestle well, and probably yelled something that ADS thought went too far. I'm guessing something about Austin slipped out. Examples could be: "Let's go Cullan he's got nothing for you!!" "Come on ref he's stalling on bottom!!" Those are normal things to hear at a match, as a wrestler you'd never think twice about them! But for neurodivergent people it can be absurdly difficult to not see those things as personal attacks, especially when it comes from someone they trust and look at as a teammate--someone who he probably thinks is supposed to have his back. Throw in a 190bpm heart rate, and you get what happened.
  19. College athletes should be allowed to wrestle in (or attempt to qualify for) four national tournaments. Age obviously should not be relevant to that.
  20. Sherman and Tariq can't get enough of each other! They even moved up to 149 together. *I might have already made this joke four months ago, I have done a lot of recreational drugs since then
  21. Oof that didn't age well. All three teams end up beating each other by nearly identical scores.
  22. Huh? Every match closer than four points broke Campbell's way. 125 Anthony Molton (Campbell) over Sheldon Seymour (Lehigh) (Dec 3-2) 3 0 133 Malyke Hines (Lehigh) over Domenick Zaccone (Campbell) (Dec 8-4) 0 3 141 Shannon Hanna (Campbell) over Dan Moran (Lehigh) (Dec 7-4) 3 0 149 Joshua Heil (Campbell) over Jimmy Hoffman (Lehigh) (Dec 3-2) 3 0 157 Josh Humphreys (Lehigh) over Matt Dallara (Campbell) (MD 8-0) 0 4 165 Troy Nation (Campbell) over Brian Meyer (Lehigh) (SV-1 8-6) 3 0 174 Austin Murphy (Campbell) over Jake Logan (Lehigh) (Dec 3-2) 3 0 184 Caleb Hopkins (Campbell) over Austin (AJ) Burkhart (Lehigh) (SV-1 4-2) 3 0 197 Chris Kober (Campbell) over JT Davis (Lehigh) (MD 12-2) 4 0 285 Jordan Wood (Lehigh) over Chad Nix (Campbell) (MD 12-4) 0 4
  23. There is high quality wrestling for nearly nineteen straight hours starting at 5:30 tomorrow morning. Maybe we can all be real cool and not flip the hell out about this one stream that doesn't work, for some wrestle-offs to decide starting spots we already know.
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