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  1. Seems like a very good group and Michigan room is full of top talent. Great for the sport!
  2. Not sure who I would root for in a match of Suriano v Lee, but I would be delighted to watch them get after it! Probably a one td match if both are healthy, although no disrespect to Lee's top game is intended.
  3. "They're far from perfect, but they're still quite good." - They've been excellent (although I do not root for them) and appear to be recruiting very well.
  4. Yes! I celebrate and salute JB - great accomplishment!
  5. I hereby ofically allocate some of the developmental credit to Iowa - the Hawkeyes and the state. A lot of reason for them to be proud - as all American wrestling fans should be of this gritty and persistent competitor.
  6. JB But Taylor and Dake were a little better at folkstyle for a little longer and also excell at freestyle.
  7. No - we all vaccinate to protect ourselves and the other more vulneralbe members of the community and country. The broad public health benefits of vaccination (see smallpox) are premised on high compliance levels for the mutual benefit of all. But even on a purely selfish analysis for each individual there is enormous benefit in reducing risk from getting vacinated that far exceeds the minimal risks and side effects.
  8. I don't generally rot for them, but it seems like Iowa has quite a record for developing young wrestlers.
  9. Again, a slew of mistatements starting with #1. It is FALSE that anyone knowledgeable every said it is 100% effective - but it is an extremely effective vaccine. Your argument fails entirely at step one and there are a slew of false premises and poor reasoning in each of your next steps.
  10. Again, your first paragraph is a preposterous conclusion regarding the facts. We do not yet know the long term effects of long haul covid. The fact that younger people (who do not have other health problems) are less likely to die miserable deaths than older people and younger people with health problems that make them more vulnerable is NOT an excuse to do the obviously responsible thing to protect others.
  11. This is 100% false. No vaccine is 100% effective immunity and that of course is not required to make the case that it is everyone duty to get vaccinated to protect our communities and country. With reasoning like this we would all still be dying of smallpox and struggling with polio. There is an enormous difference in the risks posed by unvaccinated persons and vaccinated persons - enormous. You overlook that with a nonesense argument.
  12. Its not hypothetical - overwhelming data that your false equivalency ignores. When you fail to vaccinate, you unnecessarily increase the risk to all in your community and circle of contacts. When many do so, it has a snowball effect and more lives are lost and many more get long-haul covid (or in the case of a wrestling team may miss matches and key tourneys).
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