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  1. Franklin Field in West Philadelphia was the venue for back to back Ivy Championships! https://www.thedp.com/article/2020/09/penn-football-ivy-league-title-look-back-1985 OU was lucky that did not have to play that year in Franklin Field or they would have gone down!
  2. They wish they had the historic Palestra and Franklin Field!
  3. 133 could rival this: RBY Fix Rivera or Suriano Vito Miccic DeSanto crazy talent
  4. This is the whole idea for all competitive programs, no?
  5. Please be true - it would be fantastic to save Standford wrestling!
  6. i saw it live and felt the same thing - Foca is funky and won a few key freestle positions. I do not think he is exiting to get in a lineup. Could be economic - Cornell does not give athletic aid. He may also simply wish to graduate and take some scholarship $$ for grad school. Nothing wrong with that.
  7. Bad luck - he has accomplished much. He carried water and chopped wood enough for more folk and freestyle accolades, but fortune did not smile upon him with those tough injuries.
  8. You can say that again
  9. With very few if any exceptions these guys don't make much and are not in it for the $$.
  10. very provocative work by Jimmy C I love Nick Lee and his recent success, but doubt that Zain is or feels like he has been left behind. He may yet be the top dog for the next Olympic cycle and the NLWC room is a pretty good one. Hat is off to Dake who has emerged. I think Nolf and JB may still be competitive with Dake in the coming years. Has Nolf wrestled JB lately?
  11. Dake - Dean? Yianni? \ Gilman - Zain?
  12. There are upsides (familiarity, consistency, great room, coaches you already trust and love) and downsides (club emphasis on a rival, opponent might have seen and felt your newest and best tricks). But with video everywhere its not so hard to scout even if you are not training directly, Perhaps most conclude that the upsides outweigh the downsides. Also could be family and life circumstances on where you are able and willing to go and how comfortable you are now. Carrying water and chopping wood may not be quite the same in every place. The good thing is there are a lot of interesting choices - perhaps unlike in the days of Foxcatcher.
  13. Rivera v RBY v Miccic v. DeSanto - Big Ten's will be 133 crazy. Miccic and Fix back next year?
  14. The second sentence looks even clearer now.. The RTC system is working well and we are developing more guys and increasing/pushing greater depth of comeptition at more weights. Seems to me.
  15. Guess Yianni is not our best shot for medal - but may be soon
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