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  1. Michigan does have some depth, but this could be a key loss. I wonder who else might be sidelined. Fingers crossed for the many other great matchups we hope for.
  2. I do not think that sports participation constitutes consent to conduct by other participants that is criminal in the nature of an assault. The lines are tougher to draw in combat sports, including where the conduct is close to bona fide competitive conduct. Intending to injure is not a legitimate part of sports, even wrestling. Intent to injure or otherwise stray outside of the bona fide competitive conduct can be inferred from the conduct itself, from accompanying words then or later, and from prior such acts that might show a modus operandi (like its the third time a wrestler choked out an opponent or head butted someone in competition during the same season). I assume prosecutions and pressing charges from wrestling assaults are extremely rare and I never heard of either occuring (did not check the link in this string). I think this is because the culture does not generally encourage or tolerate the conduct. AD's, University Presidents, and leagues will police programs in addtion to coaches and officials. My sense is that the culture outside of U.S. folkstyle/collegiate wrestling may be (at least slightly) more tolerant in some areas and that it gets a little more dangerous to compete in freestlyle and internationally - but I do not really know and just infer this anecdotally.
  3. Not sure, but suspect it may relate to the discomfort among some of the smaller league members who want students (including athletes) to complete their degree and move on because of space limitations. Just because the NCAA and the league will permit it, does not mean the school would. Might not have been easy to get the concession for seniors.
  4. So Steveson was 18. When Cassar was 17, he was too small to beat an 18 year old Steveson. So, it is true that the reason Cassar was able to beat Steveson was that he was older, because he was not beating him when he was younger.
  5. apparently knowledgable posters have suggested he is done for the year (unclear if his folkstyle career has come to a close).
  6. #1 Cassar at 197 beat the then #1 Kollin Moore in the most important dual (#1 v #2) and the key match for PSU to win the dual. He was already NCAA accomplished before bumping up. #2 He beat Steveson 2x in close matchs because he was a little better - sum total of strength, fitness, skills, and match strategy. Cassar was excellent and deserves full credit!
  7. As good as Brooks has become, is Starocci equally impressive?
  8. True! First thing TBar has gotten correct in a few weeks!
  9. Hidlay could beat Amine in the 2-3 and also is very tough opponent and tough to score on. I favor Amine in that possible semi, but Hidlay is excellent and tough - could win it all with sone luck.
  10. Revised in Bold based on recent duals. 125 - have not seen enough of either to be sure, 1 pt edge to Hildebrandt for experience 3-0 Edge to Ayala as he looks stronger in neutral 0-3 Iowa 133 - RBY seems unstoppable 6-0 Not sure DeSanto is a go and anyone else gives up major. 4-3 141 - Seems like the riddle is starting to get solved 9-0 Both guys sidelined recently - Iowa would win the battle of backups, but sticking with original Lee over Eirman 7-3 149 - Iowa gets one back 9-3 Props to Bartlett for good defense and position, but still has not shown much in terms of generating his own offense or imposing his own setups 7-6 157 - Berge is such an unknown, till I see him giving Iowa the edge 9-6 Seems like Berge may stick w 165 and clear edge Iowa 7-9 165- The Bull gets major 9-10 Big Berge has a chance against the Bull, but edge Bull in a close one 7-12 174 - Young Champ over Grandpa - pours it on in the 3rd - 12-10 Same 10-12 184 - Assad mixes it up, but this does not work well 15-10 Same 13-12 197 - Dean wins with relentless pace 18-10 One td match - 16-12 285 - Skinny Hwt Championship Goes to Kerk w better mat wrestling 21-10 Big Kerk bests Skinny Cass 16-12 So, Iowa needs just one upset in a home match likely to include several one score matches. Fun!
  11. He looks great and seems to have gotten even better from last year and has a few new tricks. Still, a big test against skinny Amine on Friday. Myles has olympics cred and confidence and also looks better than ever. Pretty tough NCAA weight. Romero looks sharp and Keckeisen is a gamer. Have not yet seen Geer. NCAA's will have some landmines for the top seeds and everyone will have a gameplan on how to beat them.
  12. fun match and Rutgers guys wrestled tough
  13. Love Poznanski - he's getting better and better. But so is Brooks. He's special.
  14. Debuts at 165 - does not look too small. I guess an incremental upgrade from Edsell. Shot at AA? Maybe, but remains to be seen if he is there.
  15. Bucky having his way with the Gopher today.
  16. Deakin can win 165 - not saying he would be the favorite, but right there. Already a fun weight and very deep.
  17. Ridge Lovett is fun to watch - very entertaining.
  18. Seemed like a bad call from a ref having a bad night - and I had no dog in this fight. Was a lot of good wrestling!
  19. Abolutely - full credit to them and did not intend to suggest anything to the contrary.
  20. Thanks for clarification. Saw the above post with date from SetonHall and was going to see if the Oklahoma match against Penn was streaming somewhere. Went to the Penn page and it showed cancelled. Glad they are still wrestling there and otherwise - will have BTN+ and ESPN+ screens on tonight. Let go!
  21. Best dual ever is an interesting question and would deserve some study. The recent pre-covid dual between PSU and Ohio State where skinny Cassar wrestled 197 as a backup to Rasheed and beat Moore (then #1 and undefeated) might be a contender. Team score was close until the end and I think was at Rec Hall. Nick Nevills v. Snyder and Nevills got the first td. Did not see it in person - but BTN!
  22. I am getting data that some of the Hampton, VA matches are off. Wrestlesadness. Not getting me down, just going to be glad that some wrestling goes forward. Thinking next year will be better.
  23. If I was going to create a mini-tournament of collegiate Hwt greats, maybe Haselrig, Neal, Steveson, Snyder, and McCoy and a special super Hwy match of Taylor v Tab Thacker. Lesnar might get an HM, but do not think he makes the mini-tourney from what I saw back in the day. There might be other worthy entrants that have not come to mind.
  24. Vacines and boosters - which have been around and successful for a long time - I believe protect through the natural immune system. Its not choosing one over the other. Fake news.
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