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  1. pointless, no reason to make another asterisk year if illegally occupying land and earning the moral condemnation of the world were a problem, we wouldn't let the Zionist entity compete, but we do. Russia actually has a lot more support worldwide
  2. interested to see what Reenan does at 79kg. a past final Xer and still young heavyweight is going to be good. Zillmer lost 3-0 to Gwiz in February, *maybe* he can close the gap
  3. Is Zillmer going to beat Gwiz? Anyone know how much he actually weighs? Amazing he keeps beating the giant Bradley
  4. rhymes with Shmyle Shmyder also 92kg is above 197lb and Gable just left 125kg there's no reason for anyone to go 97kg
  5. true but U23 is barely a thing, most world medal level guys are there at 20-22 anyway
  6. Feldman has looked awesome whenever I've watched him, I think he's a better HS senior than those listed and the question is whether he's comparable to Snyder and Steveson
  7. Easier to add weight to an offensive guy than add offense to a weighty guy. Schultz is impressive but the smart money's on Kerkvliet
  8. Highly doubt he can beat Kerkvliet or Schultz
  9. None of Gable's opponents was as good as Daton Fix, Mekhi Lewis, or Myles Amine. All-bonus regular season is good for the Hodge but there were other strong candidates for NCAA tournament OW.
  10. 57kg is the heel weight class. Can't wait for Final X against Gilman. Spoiler: they form an alliance and start roughing up wrestlers of all weights in backstage ambushes
  11. He looked great. Could not have been closer to RBY. 3rd behind him and Fix is good enough for a championship some years. I hope he keeps going, he has not hit his ceiling. He could have a long and accomplished freestyle career. He's as good a college wrestler as Gilman was.
  12. serves me right for making my joke without looking at the brackets first
  13. IIRC it was called a stalemate? looked to me like Kharchla was improving position
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