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  1. Agkul looked skinny--anyone know his actual weight?
  2. Worst best top position wrestler of all time has to be Tony Nelson
  3. https://www.usawmembership.com/usa_wrestling_rule_book There's even a video link! edit: forgot to attach image
  4. Having a disagreement with another coach over this. Found it in the rulebook but would love to also have an example.
  5. Has anyone seen a wrestler penalized for a straight-up push? I see on p. 36 of the rulebook that it's illegal along with hands to the face and stepping on feet.* *Reza Yazdani excepted
  6. TIL that Metcalf beat an 18yo Sidakov at Yarygin '15
  7. Snyder always peaks at the right time. In 5 years he has won 5 medals. At most, he loses once at Worlds, and only to an Olympic gold medalist. Silver/bronze in Tokyo is my prediction but it's not like he hasn't beaten the Tank before. (And if he doesn't this cycle maybe he still can down the road. These guys are 25.)
  8. The only way Sadulaev and Steveson can get better is to link up
  9. 57 and 65 - long shots 74 - gold 86 - gold 97 - silver/bronze 125 - silver/bronze
  10. Is there any chance we see him in Tokyo? Wasn't he planning to rep Armenia?
  11. What if everything repeats forever and Dake has already beaten Taylor infinite times and will beat him again in another infinity of matches
  12. He did not sell it well. I could just eyeball this one
  13. Uh oh...cold take from yours truly. JO needs criteria to beat Yianni then dominates McKenna...more parity than I thought. Guess you can't apply the common opponent method to consis after all
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