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  1. Dumb question, why is Schultz ranked 3? did he beat Cass recently or is Gable not wrestling or what?
  2. Ferrari is Cesare Borgia reincarnated
  3. Heavyweight is in reverse order lol
  4. I was beginning to think Geno was the GOAT but then...two silvers this summer! It was supposed to be his coronation! But these youngsters!
  5. Wow congrats to Yaz. What a great rivalry. These guys are head and shoulders above the field. HYC is only 26. Maybe we see him against Sadulaev at 97 someday?
  6. so first round takedown Yaz? sorry, you guys are my radio play by play
  7. Nah, he just needs some barbells and cheeseburgers
  8. Burroughs @86kg in 2024? I mean...he's lost 3x to Dake now...
  9. So the UWW stream is a no-go for Americans? You have to watch on Flo? Or can you watch live but not replays? Semis should be on now and it's redirecting me to Flo...I fear the worst...are they just running behind? EDIT: looks like I'm waiting for the YouTube :'(
  10. Good morning! Has it started yet? What'd I miss?
  11. Kinda lame. Familiar opponents for Gwiz. Probably gonna beat Dhesi by a few points then get hammered by Zare. Forgive my ignorance, has Zare/Akgul happened before? By the common-opponent Kevin Bacon method I have Zare winning. Too bad that Gwiz has to beat one to medal. Top half looks pretty thin. 1. Geno 2. Zare 3. Akgul 3. Idk Still rooting for Gwiz hard though. I've thought he was a freak ever since I saw his VA Beach senior nationals final. Heavyweight is so good now domestically & internationally that we forget how good he is. You could almost say he started it, at least here in the States.
  12. Geno's "take shots to kill time" strategy was such a mistake. He had that match in the bag
  13. Snyder/Varner went 3 IIRC Dlagnev dropped one one year. To Rey? Did Pico take one from Molinaro?
  14. Don't see a good reason for him to go 97 before Worlds '23 is over
  15. + Gilman, Dake, Taylor, and Snyder...8/10 of the team have already medaled at the senior level. 5/10 have won gold. precedents? this has to be one of our best lineups
  16. Call me naïve, but didn't they clean up the steroid use? Aren't they even tested now like in actual sports? The physiques are toned down now -- the bodybuilder days are gone
  17. Didn't he take silver to Gatsalov way back in '04? Or is that another 96/97kg Russian/Uzbek Magomed Ibragimov from Makhachkala, Dagestan? Wikipedia has different middle names and birth dates...IIRC the Tokyo 2020 broadcast said he took that silver.
  18. Snyder medals 6 times out of 6 and everyone wants to replace him
  19. I always root for them. Watching Ibragimov lose a squeaker to Karadeniz broke my heart, I wanted to see the almost 38yo caveman make it to Snyder and take bronze
  20. agreed. 4-5 Sidakov/Taylor pick 'em. Sorry small bros but Uguev has to be the #6 gold medalist
  21. Same 8 every year strikes me as ideal. No second tier. Do we need FOUR weights over 189½ freedom units? 55/60/66/73/81/90/100/130 Noooo let me dream
  22. Don't mind the spread out weights. World & NCAA finals are amazing events but a week of crowning champs is cool too. My only real criticism is that 8 weights x 3 medals would be way better than 6x4. Same total, IOC, whaddya say?
  23. Sounds probable Hey, Sadulaev is the one who's lost at Worlds. But I agree, he'll be less threatened than Dake. I'm judging Dake mostly by his wins over Burroughs. Not tech falls but he was in control the whole time. I expect Sidakov and Chamizo to go like that
  24. Steveson vs. Akgul/Petriashvili by far Likelihood of Sadulaev and Dake dominating is just too high Taylor/Yazdani will be close but we've seen it before
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