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    Weems reacted to Casper in Flo's top 20 US Wrestlers   
    6 in a Row, first while still in College.
    John Smith is still #1.
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    Weems reacted to Wrestleknownothing in TMS is one of the NY Times Highlights of the Year   
    Comparison is the thief of joy.
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    Weems reacted to TripNSweep in Otoguro and Rashidov   
    When Kyle Dake gets younger. 
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    Weems reacted to MadMardigain in Snyder vs. Cox   
    That’s the week of the daylight savings time change I sure hope someone at Rudis has the time issue covered.    
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    Weems reacted to NJDan in It looks like there is an Olympic gold in my future too   
    "There's really no point besides telling your friends that you lifted a certain amount," Stevenson told Insider. 
    Besides??? What other "point" does anyone need?
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    Weems reacted to TripNSweep in Anthony Valencia to rep new country   
    How many people thought Amine would win a medal wrestling for San Marino? He's like #4 in the US probably. If Valencia gets the right side of a bracket he is dangerous. Plus he doesn't have to worry about escaping from bottom in Freestyle, which is his Achilles heel in college. 
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    Weems reacted to Antitroll2828 in Logan Massa Is Baaaaaack...   
    Massa is at best the sixth best guy at the weight behind Starocci, Kem , Hidley , Lewis and Labriola who majored him last year, he wasn’t going to come back unless it was absolute perfect situation to wrestle for a team title so I question how much of his heart is in it….also from 7-20 there about 5 6 guys who could end up jumping him, he isn’t a sure thing like suriano and Micic, hes already had 4 cracks at ncaas , with 2 non AA years and his best finish was as a freshman in 2017, he was lucky to even beat Jackson Turley in wrestlebacks last year
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    Weems reacted to PSUSMC in Penn St wrestled so bad this past weekend that   
    Cael should be fired along with all of the coaches and have Adam Lynch finish the remainder of the season as the interim HC.
    Then see if Terry Brands can be lured east to take over the program.
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    Weems got a reaction from bnwtwg in UWW prize money!   
    Heavyweight is in reverse order lol
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    Weems reacted to jchapman in UWW five year strategic plan   
    What, no big focus on growing Beach Wrestling?  
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    Weems reacted to GoNotQuietly in Worlds Day 2 57/65/79/92kg   
    Burroughs peppering him with jabs. follows up with a few right overhands which land cleanly. JB up on significant strikes to end the first. one double leg to start the second.
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    Weems reacted to lu1979 in Worlds Day 2 57/65/79/92kg   
    Cox never lost to an Iranian at the Olympics - He lost to Yassar of Turkey who took Silver behind Sadulaev.
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    Weems reacted to The Genius in Iran Wrestling News   
    Zare beats Geno 9-2 and WINS GOLD
    Incredible TD defence from Zare. And he showed really good leg attacks which we all like. Just totally dominant. 
    Geno seemed a bit too keen to shoot in the first which was very unlike him. Zare goes 2-1 against Geno. 
    10-0 against Gwiz, 4-0 against Taha and 9-2 against Geno. 125kg has a new king and he's a 20 year old Iranian called Amir Hossein Zare.
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    Weems reacted to Gantry in Iran is on fire   
    Think I saw they were 16-0 today.  SIXTEEN AND ZERO
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    Weems reacted to wrestlingnerd in Worlds Day 2 57/65/79/92kg   
    Incredibly, heavyweight is one of my favorite weights. So competitive and deep. And surprisingly fun.
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    Weems reacted to NJDan in Worlds Day 2 57/65/79/92kg   
    The final score can be soooo misleading, especially where your favored buy has a lower final score than the other guy.
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    Weems reacted to bnwtwg in Worlds Day 2 57/65/79/92kg   
    No way, too short. Besides IMar has 86 on lock unless he bumps up to 97
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    Weems got a reaction from dwkeller in Worlds Day 1 61/74/86/125kg   
    Good morning! Has it started yet? What'd I miss?
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    Weems got a reaction from spladle08 in Worlds Day 1 61/74/86/125kg   
    Kinda lame. Familiar opponents for Gwiz. Probably gonna beat Dhesi by a few points then get hammered by Zare. Forgive my ignorance, has Zare/Akgul happened before? By the common-opponent Kevin Bacon method I have Zare winning. Too bad that Gwiz has to beat one to medal. Top half looks pretty thin. 
    1. Geno
    2. Zare
    3. Akgul
    3. Idk
    Still rooting for Gwiz hard though. I've thought he was a freak ever since I saw his VA Beach senior nationals final. Heavyweight is so good now domestically & internationally that we forget how good he is. You could almost say he started it, at least here in the States.
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    Weems reacted to spladle08 in Worlds Day 1 61/74/86/125kg   
    Surprised they have them all posted https://uww.org/event/world-championships-55?tab=brackets&weight-category=18147f71-22a0-11ec-8a0c-08002745f808

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    Weems got a reaction from spladle08 in Worlds Day 1 61/74/86/125kg   
    Geno's "take shots to kill time" strategy was such a mistake. He had that match in the bag
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    Weems reacted to ionel in Historical Query: Was it more surprising that Karelin lost or that Gardner was the one that beat him?   
    what did Dake or Taylor have to do with this?
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    Weems reacted to Lurker in USA FSs Most likely to win Gold in Oslo   
    Wow.  Not saying I disagree with your list, but whoda thought a couple years ago KS would be #8 on the list of likely to win gold.
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    Weems reacted to spladle08 in I want Cox vs Sadulaev   
    If his goal is crushing Saduleav any additional time acclimating to the weight is reason enough. But if he's competing at '23 worlds at 92kg and trying to take Snyder out a few months later at trials... He might be able to, but you could tell size was an issue the little bit of time we saw him compete at 97kg..... I'd feel a lot better if he took the time .
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