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  1. The guy is transcendent, plain and simple. Like Gable before him. People that can't or refuse to see that are simply jealous fan boys grasping for excuses.

    I'm not a Penn State fan. I'm a Nebraska fan. I recognize greatness when I see it. Casey Cunningham could leave tomorrow and the results would be the same.

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  2. So you think it is equally likely Penn State's five finalists today falter at NCAAs as UM's five finalists today? Ok. 
    Agree. No one is really deep this year. All pretty top heavy. So then you look to see who has the best top. Penn State by a long ways. You then look to see who may outperform seeds and have a good tournament. Anyone watched NCAA wrestling the last 10 years? Penn State will win it in Detroit, won't be that close.

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  3. The ref could have called 2 backs twice in the Kem/Labs match.
    He wasted no time in swiping when Red was in danger and it looked like the plane was broken both times with Labriola in control.
    Also - and it wasn't just against Schultz - Warner may be one of the best "sports" in college wrestling.  Iowa gets a lot of sh_t for the way some of their wrestlers and coaches act, but Warner has been class all year (at least from the Iowa matches I've seen).
    True. Would you rather your son acted like Vince Turk or Caleb Warner. Both lost.

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  4. The scholarship situation isn't nearly as harsh as many people make it out to be.  While it is true that they are year to year, it is highly unethical to withdraw scholarship money for poor performance. Coaches commit to families and athletes for the duration as long as academics and social life are in order.  When poor performance is an issue, often some social issue is the cause.  They will definitely pull scholarship money for that. 
    Unless your talking about SEC football.

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  5. I want the top man try to score back points because that is all I know... and it is what I enjoy to watch.  RBY held claw for most of the 2nd period and had an ankle hooked for about 45 seconds.  At least four times he had an ankle hooked from 6 to 25 seconds.  That was not enjoyable for me to watch at all. 

    This added to a poor first period for RBY, one where Fix controlled center mat, Fix pressed the action, Fix took the first shot, Fix took more shots, etc.  RBY's first period was not egregious but he was trying to survive the period without being scored on... rather than trying to score himself.  So RBY tries not to score in the first and tries not to score in the second... it was tactical and ugly for me to watch.  Several finalists were so afraid to lose that they forgot to wrestle... 
    Agree. Cost Kemmerer his match.

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