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  1. All teams and they do it because it is allowed by the officials. Penn State kind of changed that narrative with relentless offense and it was fun to watch. Now it seems they have reverted to defensive wrestling. So likely wasn't do much coaching and philosophy as much as the athletes.

    RBY has the ability, but the match with Fix was a snoozer. When he finally did decide to shoot, it was an effortless, uncontested takedown. Why not do that the whole match?

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  2. They literally just beat them.  So you're correct, 1st is a level higher than 2nd. 
    In a 1 year vacuum correct. Over the course of their career not so much.

    Cael 14 years 8 national titles, won 4 in a row twice.

    Tom 16 years 4 national titles, won 3 in a row.

    Tom has won 2 since Cael has been at Penn State. The fist year Cael was there and this year.

    Both great coaches, Cael is better IMO.

    If I were starting a wrestling program tomorrow and could pick any coach Cael would be 1 and Tom 2.

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  3. It solves the problem in neutral. In " real wrestling" they aren't required or expected to wrestle off the bottom.

    Guy try's to stand up, run him off the mat. He gets stood up grab leg run him off the mat. If there is a pushout point it could only be enforced from a neutral start at center.

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  4. That’s not the problem IMO.  The reason that you can’t get all refs to enforce it the same way is because it’s a subjective call. Why should the ref have to decide whether or not someone is backing up or just being pushed?
    A step out rule removes the subjectivity.  Only issue I see is I could see a lot of challenges to determine who stepped out first.  But I think the hopeful goal of a stepout rule is that it makes guys actually stay in bounds.
    I don't think that solves it in folkstyle. Ferrari is going to tech fall everyone with 15 push outs.

    Situational differences. When neutral and a guy gets a single leg he isn't pushing the guy out of bounds, he's trying to finish. When on top and you take the leg on a stand up there is no reason to try and finish. Just push them out and restart.

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