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    jmez reacted to Wrestleknownothing in Cael on tampering   
    Depends on whether you like the result or not.
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    jmez reacted to tigerfan in Naturals at wrestling   
    I think it helps to think of talent as room for improvement. The more talented or natural ability one has for a given activity, the more that person can improve with hard work and training. If you’re not talented naturally for wrestling, no amount of training will take you to the highest levels. Talent without hard work is simply unrealized potential. 
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    jmez reacted to MSU158 in Naturals at wrestling   
    It definitely plays a part.  You take the more athletic person and give him the exact same retention in techniques, work ethic, conditioning/stamina, strategy, etc. he is simply going to be better.
    In another words, all other things being equal the more gifted athlete is going to be better.  An analogy I use a lot with a good friend of mine that was a very big and strong heavyweight, is that a really good big guy is almost always going to beat a really good smaller guy.  With the caveat that "really good" makes everything else equal.
    Now, I hate soccer and don't watch it one bit, so I have NO CLUE who is actually better in regards to the OP's starting point.  But, I will say Sadulaev, JB, Kyle Snyder, Bo Nickal(in Folk) J'Den Cox and Spencer Lee are prime examples of physical attributes that simply can't be taught that separated them from the field once their training equaled everyone else.  Meanwhile, you have guys like Dake whose mental fortitude is so over the top that he often looked physically drained and somehow kept coming out on top.
    The word "Natural" can mean different things to some, but I think those listed above simply have unteachable qualities that would trump 99% of other wrestlers if everything else was equal.
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    jmez got a reaction from Jim L in What is the solution to NIL and Poaching?   
    There is no solution, you will never get the genie back in the bottle. You think wrestling is bad, follow what is going on in football.

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    jmez reacted to drag it in Officials mistake Labriola vs Kemerrer   
    Replay sucks.  This is a recording.  Wrestle the match. Raise someone's hand.  Bitch about it later.  Just like happens now, but without the 20 minute delays and the lung breaks which defeat the purpose of the sport and the mistakes made by the replay officials layered on top of the mistakes made by the mat officials.   
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    jmez reacted to Le duke in Which NCAA champ could beat the NCAA champ a weight up?   
    Not even close.

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    jmez reacted to Better Call Stall in Nick Suriano.. "injury time was bogus"   
    Ducking RBY, Fix, and Desanto this season was bogus.
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    jmez reacted to Jrr277 in NCAA Championships Day 3 Thread: Session VI - Finals Thread   
    Do people really think Cael can't coach?
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    jmez reacted to Wrestle81 in Penn State got just about the worst possible draw   
    News Flash!!! There is no easy path to the NCAA Finals...I don't care what anyone says...and I've been to 45 NCAA D1 tourneys
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    jmez reacted to Drake_Mallard in B1G Discussion   
    As far as what is bad for TV, id be much more worried by the yawn fests in the 65 and 74 lb final than a few people not showing up for their matches.
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    jmez reacted to TBar1977 in Kevin Jackson - Coach of the Year?   
    So you think it is equally likely Penn State's five finalists today falter at NCAAs as UM's five finalists today? Ok. 
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    jmez got a reaction from Paul158 in Kevin Jackson - Coach of the Year?   
    They may not win today.

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    jmez reacted to TBar1977 in Kevin Jackson - Coach of the Year?   
    This. Michigan is having an incredible Big10 Tournament. I think they will win it. But this won't repeat in two weeks. 
    Suriano will win Big10, but his NCAA place is 1 to 3 so he can only do worse. 
    Ragusin probably can't get into the 3/4 match at NCAAs.
    Micic in current form definitely can't get into the 3/4 match at NCAAs and decent chance he doesn't even AA. 
    Storr won't qualify.
    Lewan can't make an NCAA final. Will he even AA? 
    Amine 165 can't make an NCAA final. Probably a 5/6 match at best. 
    Massa probably can't make an NCAA final. 3/4 match? 
    Amine 184 is great. Probably about same result at NCAAs. 
    Brucki's will beat Panola and wrestle for 3rd at Big10s today, but his placement only goes down at NCAAs. 
    Parris will get about same result at NCAAs. 
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    jmez reacted to Wrestleknownothing in Kevin Jackson - Coach of the Year?   
    Small bracket compression is a thing. I don't think they have what it takes to win in a large bracket.
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    jmez reacted to Crotalus in Iowa vs. Nebraska   
    That heavy match is exactly what's wrong with riding time. If you want to keep your opponent down with no attempt to turn, or even break them down, your reward is not giving up the escape. You should not get an additional point for that. It's horrible to watch. Also, that second stall call on Lance was bad.

    The 174 match was great. It seemed that Kem would relax whenever he got the advantage in the scramble position, and Labs was able to power through. I think Labs could have easily be awarded two NF after that takedown in the 3rd. This will be a fun weight at Big 10 and NCAA.
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    jmez reacted to dmm53 in Iowa vs. Nebraska   
    Refs are loathe to call back points against Iowa.  Kemerer was on his back twice for two plus counts.
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    jmez got a reaction from Mphillips in Michigan-Nebraska thread   
    Lance picked that up from Robb and Labriola.

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    jmez got a reaction from BerniePragle in Michigan-Nebraska thread   
    A lot of the trainers are PT's. Football is generally the only sport where MD's are present.

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    jmez reacted to snapspinscore in Ridiculous 125 and others   
    While I am not going to argue your points are untrue, I would definitely say that I consider myself somewhat of an encyclopedia of wrestling stats and knowledge, and even I have found college wrestling to be dull and void of marquee in season matchups. Men's basketball has a ton of early season Top 10 matchups, NCAAF has a ton of early season Top 10 matchups, literally every other college sport seems to thrive on these early season matchups, but wrestling seems to be taking the, imo, terrible turn of ducking competition until conference tournaments approach. I do not see how anyone can think that is a good thing for our sport. Its boring and uneventful. 
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    jmez reacted to Fletcher in Seems like there's a real chance NCAA gets cancelled this year   
    Nope. Omicron will peak in mid-Jan. and then drop off precipitously. By March, low levels everywhere because it's so contagious that every non-vaxxed person will have caught it by then. Hospitalizations and deaths will also disappear because this version is less severe.
    Disclaimer: I am neither a doctor nor an epidemiologist. I stand by my prediction nonetheless.
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    jmez reacted to Husker_Du in Penn State's secret sauce   
    let me solve this mystery for you.
    the coaching staff. 
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    jmez reacted to TheOhioState in Penn State's secret sauce   
    Dan Gable dominated until Dan Gable retired.  None of his disciples came close to matching him.

    Cael Sanderson became the next Dan Gable.  None of his disciples will come close to matching him.

    On a different level, you can say the same with Rob Koll at Cornell and Tom Ryan at Ohio State.  Those who follow will not come close to matching them.

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    jmez reacted to LJB in The Champ is Saduleav   
    anyone who disrespects sadulaeuv should not be paid attention to...
    if you can't appreciate sad's absolute greatness then you don't understand wrestling at all and should just stick to watching basketball...
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    jmez reacted to MSU158 in Tigerstyle WC   
    To me, this sounds like all the "fans" that say teams should be top 5.  I mean there are ONLY 5 teams that can ACTUALLY be top 5.  But, fans end up naming 10-12 teams.  A top 10 state is still ENOUGH of a nucleus to compete for team trophies if you can keep the best instate talent, year in and year out.
    Missouri is much like Michigan for that matter.  Keep the top instate guys at home, plus land a top 10 National recruit every year or 2 and you can compete for top 5.  Michigan and Missouri have done it and the results speak for themselves. 
    Rutgers is more like Illinois.  The Illini haven't been able to lock down the state and that is why many are so down on them, but hopeful Poeta can get them there.  Rutgers has never held down all its local talent, nor has it been a national recruiting powerhouse.  I don't know that it ever can be, either.
    With that said, ALL FOUR teams won't truly ever be competing with PSU or Iowa without more National talent.  But, I don't see who should rightly expect that.
    As far as tOSU goes, the latest local crop doesn't REMOTELY compare to the ridiculous run they had with the 2 Stiebers,  2 Jordans(Bo and Micah),  Tomasello, Tessari and Moore(probably developed more than any based on where he was out of High School).  Still, even with them, they needed national monsters in Snyder, Martin and Pletcher to really even stay competitive with PSU.  tOSU will still be competing for top 5's, but they need another truly elite crop of local guys(a healthy Kharchla could help with this) or will need to recruit even more national monsters.
    Finally, the way PSU recruits year in and year out is IMPOSSIBLE for ANYONE to match.  tOSU had a perfect storm for a 5 year cycle and now has to reload.  Iowa had a perfect storm of PA guys and transfers.  After next season, they will be challenged mightily to not fall considerably behind again.  Covid did NOT HELP.  It made PSU and the NLWC way stronger, while everywhere else pretty much constricted, with the exception of Michigan(Cliff Keen) and ASU(Sunkist) and neither of them were competitive with PSU anyway........
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    jmez reacted to jross in Stalling on top ....It's a PROBLEM   
    I can see how it is interpreted that way.  In my own way, the reference to Earnest Hemingway was one of the best compliments that I could pay.  EH was a master of prose.  He had a unique sentence structure, was understated, and provided concise articulation with intensities and truths.  When I read "The Old Man and the Sea," I wished that it was me on the old wooden boat, struggling with a giant marlin far out in the Gulf Stream off the coast of Cuba.  Holding the rope with my bare hands... it sliding through the open cuts on my back and hands... without sleep for days... ready to die to capture my trophy.  It is a very manly book... 

    Reading Pat's last paragraph, I was able to understand the top man art in a way I was never taught.  When I could not turn the bottom man for back points, I cut bottom man to attempt another take down... Pat's definitive response has passion and places your mind in the right place.

    I dropped Pat a note at the same time that I posted my response.
    Pat responded with more insight that I think is fair to share without permission.  It adds to this conversation.

    I want the top man to try to score back points because that is all I know.  It is what I enjoy to watch.  RBY held claw for most of the 2nd period and had an ankle hooked for about 45 seconds.  At least four times he had an ankle hooked from 6 to 25 seconds.  That was not enjoyable for me to watch at all. 

    This added to a poor first period for RBY, one where Fix controlled center mat, Fix pressed the action, Fix took the first shot, Fix took more shots, etc.  RBY's first period was not egregious but he was trying to survive the period without being scored on... rather than trying to score himself.  So RBY tries not to score in the first and tries not to score in the second... it was tactical and ugly for me to watch.  Several finalists were so afraid to lose that they forgot to wrestle... 
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