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    jmez reacted to jross in Stalling on top ....It's a PROBLEM   
    I can see how it is interpreted that way.  In my own way, the reference to Earnest Hemingway was one of the best compliments that I could pay.  EH was a master of prose.  He had a unique sentence structure, was understated, and provided concise articulation with intensities and truths.  When I read "The Old Man and the Sea," I wished that it was me on the old wooden boat, struggling with a giant marlin far out in the Gulf Stream off the coast of Cuba.  Holding the rope with my bare hands... it sliding through the open cuts on my back and hands... without sleep for days... ready to die to capture my trophy.  It is a very manly book... 

    Reading Pat's last paragraph, I was able to understand the top man art in a way I was never taught.  When I could not turn the bottom man for back points, I cut bottom man to attempt another take down... Pat's definitive response has passion and places your mind in the right place.

    I dropped Pat a note at the same time that I posted my response.
    Pat responded with more insight that I think is fair to share without permission.  It adds to this conversation.

    I want the top man to try to score back points because that is all I know.  It is what I enjoy to watch.  RBY held claw for most of the 2nd period and had an ankle hooked for about 45 seconds.  At least four times he had an ankle hooked from 6 to 25 seconds.  That was not enjoyable for me to watch at all. 

    This added to a poor first period for RBY, one where Fix controlled center mat, Fix pressed the action, Fix took the first shot, Fix took more shots, etc.  RBY's first period was not egregious but he was trying to survive the period without being scored on... rather than trying to score himself.  So RBY tries not to score in the first and tries not to score in the second... it was tactical and ugly for me to watch.  Several finalists were so afraid to lose that they forgot to wrestle... 
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    jmez reacted to Paul158 in Would Kollin Moore have won this year?   
    Moore would win  a controlled match 8 to1. in folkstyle. Moore would tech fall him in freestyle. Ferrari is  a very good young wrestler who came along at the right time to win NCAA title. But Cox, Snyder , Nickal and Moore would have toasted him.
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    jmez reacted to LJB in Spencer Lee   
    cornell didn't choose to skip the season...
    they were forced to by a bunch of nancies...
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    jmez reacted to gowrestle in Freestyle/Folkstyle hybrid   
    Freestyle is BORING. 
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    jmez reacted to shieldofpistis in Iowa won the title but Penn St won the day   
    I dont have a dog in the fight.  Im a buckeye fan.  As a fan id rather have the team title.  Obviously individual wrestlers would rather have a personal championship.  But don't they keep team score to see which team is best?   
    I don't see why this is a debate.  Penn st and Iowa both performed well.  
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    jmez got a reaction from Fletcher in I Really Enjoyed the Zalesky is on Par With Brands Era!   
    Following a legend rarely works out well. Zalesky was destined to fail at Iowa. Same will happen at PSU when Cael hangs it up.

    You don't simply replace a transcendent coach and expect the same result.

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    jmez got a reaction from BigTenFanboy in Brands is the best recruiter; Cael the best in-match coach   
    I think Cael is better in every area, and it's not even close.

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    jmez reacted to Gantry in How do we incentivize scoring vs winning?   
    I've harped about this before but I might as well again since I like to hear myself  talk.  IMO you can't fix stalling - it's a broken rule and the refs will never want to make judgement calls that decide the outcome of a match.   It will never ever be consistent because of the nature of the rule.  Never....
    They had a chance to minimize the impact of stalling but they decided to make the OOB stalling a judgement call instead of a push out.   And look at what has happened, the refs never call it late to determine a match.   It's always action unless REALLY egregious in a close match late. 
    ALL rules that involve a judgement call from a ref are bad ones.  Danger rule has been great, five second auto stall has been great, this OOB stall stinks precisely because it isn't black and white.
    I've been following folkstyle wrestling over 20 years now and every year people give the "if the refs would only call it more" - they won't, they never have and they never will.  People want to act like Mike Allen in the 80s was the peak of "good" stall calls but that is BS.  I mean Gable has a statue berating refs for a stall call for Pete's Sake.   It's ALWAYS been a problem, coaches and fans NEVER stop complaining about it - people need to stop blaming the refs and start blaming the rule.   Stalling cannot be fixed, make rules that have to be applied every time instead.
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