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  1. The only loss in michigan was on a home cooking call against Cam Amine who he beat the year b4 and has a DQ slam loss. Nationally he lost a great match to paddy gallagher but beat numerous 1st n 2nd ranked seniors as a fresh in the 2018 super 32. He won a world bronze in freestyle and dominated 4x champ boone from mich who also chose PSU. They say he is far more elite coming out of HS than Brent Metcalf was. We may see the next undefeated 4xer
  2. Massa taking 3rd and going 32-3 his true fresh season seemed to have the best potential to be a 3xer but that knee injury really affected his confidence. He was a shell of that Massa who took 3rd dominating everyone not named Imar
  3. Mason is a better freestyle wrestler and if gable chooses wwe there's a great chance Mason represents USA at Heavyweight and could win multiple olympic and world gold's
  4. Massa and fiance are having a child very soon. I don't see him returing to ncaa team but will still train n prepare for USA freestyle team
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