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  1. It isn't up to Iowa where they wrestle when Penn State is supposed to be on their schedule that particular year so Perry and TBar need to relax on that. When the year comes that Iowa isn't scheduled to wrestle Penn State then Iowa needs to step up, travel to make sure that meet happens and "return the favor" but until that day comes, they have no say where they wrestle. I see the haters are already in mid-season form.
  2. Twooooo


    Dude should be playing DL now for the Hawks and not wrestling but he is jacked for sure. Hopefully dropping some of that weight can make him quicker as that was always one of his biggest faults.
  3. Yup, it is legal now that he can make money off of his name and if the university wants to help him do that, sounds fine to me.
  4. It was the worst kept secret in all of wrestling that this was happening so I will let you pick the wrestler.
  5. That is very interesting considering that every single PSU fan got on here after Iowa won the TEAM championship this year and claimed victory because they went 4 for 4 in individual titles. And I do believe that most of them said they would much rather have more individual titles than a team championship, so nice try at a dig but just another way to try and troll! David Taylor should maybe not have his own page on PSU's website but I would be ok with him having a page on Team USA if Team USA has a site. And just a side note, any team that wants to recognize one of their all time best with their own page, I say go for it. Even if Lee does not win his 4th next year there is no doubt he is one of Iowa's all time best and deserves anything the university wants to give him.
  6. No, they look bad because they were paying their wrestlers long before it was legal. Let's not pretend that this wasn't happening and so all other schools were behind the ball for following the rules while PSU was cheating. BUT I will give them props for continuing to do what they do and helping the American's win some pretty big medals this year. It was nice to see some hardware come home no matter who they wrestle for. When it comes down to it the singlet said USA and that is all that should really matter.
  7. Twooooo


    From what I understand Daddy is part of the problem with this kid. I started to like him but not so much right now.
  8. I don't think this would work as many have pointed out there is too much subjectivity involved. I do like the idea of only letting a top wrestler ride for 30 second before the two are brought back to their feet. It would force a little more action rather than watching RBY hook a leg for 4 minutes. At least with this he would have to get another take down before he could hook for another 30 seconds. Or watching Warner return a guy to the mat 400 times.
  9. Never want to see a kid go out like that but it is probably the best thing for him. Does PSU have anyone to fill that hole?
  10. Well I can see how you could take his antics after his matches as just being a nice guy but it really is a d**k move. No wrestler after getting pinned or dominated wants to be helped up off the mat. I would bet it is hard to find any athlete that would want to be helped up in any sport after an embarrassing loss. Heck, Bo didn’t want to shake his own teammates hand and someone he trains with daily after his loss so. Bo knows this but still played into this in college. He certainly wasn’t a showboat jerk but his antics in college where pretty jerky.
  11. Cox is for sure the favorite but Dake is wrestling very well right now. And also, pay your debts!
  12. I don’t think you will find one Iowa fan that truly “hates” Cael but it is posts like this that makes Iowa fans dislike him. You get guys like this one who on any chance will bring up how terrible Iowa and Iowa fans are and it is only a matter of time before Iowa fans start disliking Penn St. and anything/one associated with it.
  13. If that helps you sleep at night I guess you can look at it anyway you'd like. I am not sure I saw one Iowa fan making predictions that they were going to win by 90 points, it was only PSU fans and Johnny Cinnabon saying that so it would look like Iowa messed the bed if they did not win by 90. I can agree that Hawk fans (as well as most others) said they were the clear favorites, and they were but I am not sure you can pick out one true Iowa fan that said we were going to win by 90. The team race wasn't anywhere near close and all the PSU fans jump on the boards saying it was a bad night for the Hawks. Sure the outcome of two matches wasn't what Hawk fans wanted but the bottom line is the Hawks are at the top where they belong and PSU fans just can't seem to handle it. Jumping on line and creating post of (14-0, PSU has the best coaches, Iowa won the team championships but PSU owns the night). If those help you guys sleep at night fine, but Iowa won and PSU just cannot stand it! Again, you say to worry about our own team all the while posting how much you are on HR.
  14. In one breath you talk about how Hawk fans need to worry about our own team whilst talking about how much you are on HR. Even you have to see the irony there. Losing the national championship to Iowa just has not set well with PSU fans.
  15. It's not as fun when you are losing team championships to Iowa.
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