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    I'll try? Just trying to visualize this has been fun. 
    Method 1: It starts out out as honest-to-goodness MMA-style cross arm breaker from mount for Wrestler A. Wrestler B tries to swing his free arm through the legs while curling his locked arm(bringing his arms close together). A anticipates this and uses his hands to help create the bundle before locking with his legs, then releases his own hands to elevate (since otherwise his hips are toast in the scramble). 
    Method 2: Wrestler A creates an arm bundle in some way and throws B to his back with it. A is driving with hips high to keep B on his back; A's legs are more open than would be ideal.  They wind up in a scramble where B tries to roll through might be able to take his (still-bundled) arms out the back-door. A is able to block B's hip-through by throwing his far leg in sort of a crossface with the calf, but this loosens the arm bundle and A realizes he will lose it. A scoops with the far leg and tightens the other leg to finish with the position you see here. 
    Method 3: catch a leg lacer napping as he's trying to switch sides sloppily or breaking a grip too early?
    I don't know how you could possibly plan it. 
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    justanidea reacted to uncle bernard in Hawkeye Wrestling Club (HWC)   
    I haven't heard of funding issues and to my knowledge they're one of the better funded RTC's. Perry is on the record saying he left because he wants to be a D1 head coach and he wasn't getting looks as an RTC coach. He saw Pendleton get the OSU job and decided he'd have more opportunities if he went back to being an assistant. This has been said in interviews by Perry, Brands, and Zeke multiple times.
    I think the assumption is that they were saving money for their large senior class to enter after this year, though the free year bumps it a year. They were planning to have Lee, Desanto, Lugo, Eierman, Marinelli, and Kem with Warner joining a year after and Cass a year after that. That's a lot of mouths to feed. They're just in a transition period.
    It's unfortunate Spencer got hurt, Eierman, Kem, and Marinelli got upset/hurt, and Lugo pinned himself at last chance or they would have had a nice contingent.
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