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  1. I usually agree with fellow NJers, but not here. The size and power difference between Sad and Gable is enormous. If you look at the picture of all five US freestyle medalists, you see what an unbelievable specimen Gable is. He makes snyder look like a normal human being, which is says a lot when the dude benches 4 plates. I’d probably give Gable the speed advantage too. He has better leg attacks, setups, and much much bigger hips.
  2. Practicality, not everywhere is allowed dual citizenship. US citizenship is one of the greatest and most powerful gifts on the planet if you are actually willing to leave the country to get some perspective. This is a list of countries where you can and can’t have dual citizenship with the US.
  3. None and he wouldn’t take it. He and Dake will peas in a pod special buddies for life, forged in the fire of traversing mount burroughs. They became monks for years with the one goal in mind, the modern spin on terry brands. They would both do much much better at the senior level, because they have spent so much time refining that game, which is actually quite rare. International careers are usually caps on a career, not the meat of it. At this point it would be an extreme waste of talent and experience to have either of them doing anything other than coaching freestyle.
  4. Spencer was not going to beat Uguev, Ravi, Gilman or Mr singlet grab out of Kazakhstan. Iowa does not offer or promote mistake-free wrestling, they just try to pressure and overwhelm. That would have gone very poorly in this year’s 57 pool. Unpopular opinion, but Soencer in my book has made the decision to sacrifice a lot of his international career for ncaa titles. Post-surgery knees do not do quite so hot with leg laces, and those are really coming back in style.
  5. Gable took third, and of his own admission has had to grow and learn a ton since coming to minnesota. Not to mention the unreal stable of heavyweight alums coming out of minnesota. Brock Lesnar Garrett Lowney Cole Konrad Tony Nelson Gable may have won NCAA’s, but the olympics? I am not so sure. Heavyweight wrestling is a different sport. Priorities, strategies, and techniques are all different. Minnesota likely saved Gable 10 years of learning on his own. Also, per eggum, J Rob is an impossible set of shoes to fill. The man is the epitome of a warrior philosopher, and he brought that to Minnesota. He is the most unique of the original big three coaches, and the hardest to replace, because he developed individuals, not copies of himself.
  6. Hahaha, that’s one thing, he loves flexing, but he does it really not very well, homie has never seen stallone, schwarzeneggar, or ronnie coleman, maybe ever. Poor dude needs some 80’s in his life
  7. I think 65 will always depend on Otoguru, with the only surprises being whether or not he gets injured or doesn’t attend. Otoguru is one of the most impressive wrestlers I have ever seen. In the traditional japanese way, he takes very basic ingredients, and tranfoems them into something nobody else ever could. Dude is incredible, and incredibly disciplined.
  8. Everyone after those first three feels a tad disrespectful. Do you have confirmation of some sort that Ringer beats him up? After watching the olympics I’m not completely buying that. Ringer is too small for 86, that is the unfortunate fact. I know he made the move bc he’s been cutting weight for decades, but when you decide to completely give up the cut, the end is not far off. He can eat and lift all he likes, he’ll always be three inches shorter. Ringer is not gabe dean. Amine is a much better freestyler than folkstyler. He looked big at the olympics too, and not in a bad way. I’m calling it now, Myles Amine 2x olympic medalist. He’s on an upward trajectory and he has confidence, kinda like DT right before he beat yazdani that first time.
  9. On paper 97 is frightening, in real life I’d say it was one of the weaker weight classes outside the finalists. The wrestling itself wasn’t great. Bunch of dudes who should be starting their coaching careers in very short order. I believe the discussion was had elsewhere already, but 65kg was stacked and had the highest quality wrestling of the weight classes.
  10. Cael did the same thing with gomez and abdurakhmanov. Not an identical situation but certainly similar. I think it’s good for the sport, certainly good for US wrestling. And it’s not like it hasn’t happened for decades. How many dagestanis were in the olympics not flying the russian flag?
  11. Until i see any US guys not named david taylor take him out post-bronze medal, I have to give the recent OLYMPIC BRONZE MEDALIST the nod for #2. He has shown an ability to be rather clutch. He wrestled way over his head to get 4th at worlds, and he did it again to get Bronze…sounds like he might just be really good. Experience and hardware are squarely on his side. Pre-olympics I would never say this, but now I have no reason to think otherwise. He showed freestyle poise and maturity that no other US 86kg guys have shown not named david taylor. …The End
  12. The global olympic incentives and power dynamics were very different back then. The USSR and the US ran the world. Wrestling was very important to the USSR, so guess what, no criticism of wrestling. That has all changed. That umbrella is gone, hence wresting averaging a new set of rules every 4 or 5 years since the late 90’s. Wrestling was protected for a long time, that has gone away now. Eyeball numbers run the show. If your sport doesn’t justify it’s administrative burden to the olympics, it will get cut. Sh*t is expensive and people aren’t about the good will life anymore unfortunately.
  13. Ah yes, forgot about that. I guess the real question comes down to your view of competition and humanity. America is rather unique in believing that, or caring about, “clean” competition. It is worth pointing out that we are unique in the world as a culture with very strong, arbitrary and oftentimes hypocritical or capricious morals. Exogenous hormone supplementation/manipulation in competition falls under this umbrella bc, rather than admitting that we are obsessed with competition even from a young age and maybe that is not so healthy, we put random parameters around our competition and decide that anything outside that is bad instead. A combination of the embarrassment of riches we enjoy, a lack of perspective and objectivity. Most people who compete in the olympics can either compete and use whatever gifts and opportunities they have, or be bitterly poor, they have no other choice. Few and far between are the athletes that compete and pursue athletics as a hobby in the grand scheme of things.
  14. I agree, I think it would be really cool to see. Fortunately/unfortunately, the US is one of the few countries that flings the floodgates open for international competition. Wrestling medals don’t mean anything to the US as a country, and as such we are happy to let the chips fall where they may in the name of sport. Wrestling medals, or lack of same, precipitate serious knock-on effects for multiple families (athlete, coaches, ministers of sport) in many other countries, and they are not quite so keen on leaving things to chance. They will vet their guys and keep them hidden as much as possible.
  15. No, i think it would be foolish to think that wrestling, being amongst the most physical sports in the olympics, would be the only one out of the list of highly taxing sports that is clean. Who got popped?
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