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  1. I had more falls, tech falls, and falls my junior season. I didn't like top because 25% of people will intentionally try to break your fingers. Not psychological at all. I liked my fingers. 2016 > 2017 = 2015 > 2014
  2. Did my top game improve or was it because I wasn't cutting down to 141 anymore?
  3. No. Because you're equating people at a level that don't line up. Example An explosive physique on a person limits their ability to have vast endurance. And vice versa. Sprinters don't run competitive mile times. A home run hitter may be an average player in the outfield or not have wicked arm strength. Their talent level for a single skill doesn't mean they have wide spread predisposition to all the skills. Dennis Rodman was an elite defender and rebounder but not an elite scorer. Could he have scored more? Probably, but it would take away his intensity on the defensive end. Natural talents allow a person to establish their own training patterns to maximize leverage of the strong skills and minimize the weak skills. Talent =! Room for Improvement. That statement alone is why top talents are okay walking away from all sports at anytime now.
  4. I failed to see the most "natural" wrestler in the 2010s listed. Ed Ruth. He's by far one of the top talents of the sport in recent memories.
  5. Injuries happen at any point in the year. How many injuries happened this year to athletes who wrestled less than 20 matches vs those who wrestled more? Why not just do 2 tournaments then? One qualifier and one championship tourney. Less tournaments in the season? How well are the Midlands, Scuffle, and Cliff Keen doing compared to 10 years ago? 20? Watered down NCAAs? This year someone who had 2 wins and 11 loses on the season qualified.
  6. Look at collegiate tennis. There are singles champs, doubles champs, and team champs. So you can be the best individual but the team in it's whole has to be good to be a team champ. They run 3 seperate tournaments per gender. This is what we are advocating for. Separate tournaments for team and individuals. Cross country qualifies through teams but an individual can win a national championship and a different team can win. They run 1 race per gender. This is not what we do because we dont allow all 10 guys on a team to wrestle at NCAAs. Swimming or track allow multiple student athletes from a school to qualify for the same event and do a team scoring for one tournament. We do not do this because because these athletes compete for benchmarks, not for placing in a qualifier. So a team here can have a National champion and runner up in the same event on the same year. Do you think tennis is doing it wrong on the collegiate level?
  7. tOSU also lost to Lehigh at National Duals that year as well...
  8. Top 2 teams each conference qualify. 2 wildcards. Jan through second week in March duals. Seed teams. Rnd of 16, Round of 8 - 4 locations in 1st week of April Semis and finals - 1 location 2nd week of April Individual qualifiers for nationals, 8 regional locations. Teams aren't limited to 1 per weight but entries per team. Top 4 qualify for nationals. 4th week of April. Individual national championships 2nd week of May.
  9. Even the schedule is so odd. Tournaments in November and December with multiple matches in day. Then when January hits, 2.5 months of straight duals with one match per weigh in. Then two tournaments (one of which is becoming more irrelevant).
  10. https://www.sportsbusinessjournal.com/Daily/Issues/2022/03/23/Events-and-Attractions/NCAA-womens-tourney.aspx#:~:text=Women's Tournament%2C a total of,Lorenzo Reyes of USA TODAY. https://www.google.com/amp/s/sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/ncaa-womens-tournament-attendance-record-145609876.html
  11. Your mindset is why wrestling only gets fans who will sit inside an arena for 10 hours a day, 3 days straight to support it. We are not trying to attract wrestling fans but fans, alums, donors, supporters of a school. It makes no sense to be a fan of Michigan and have to spend 5 hours for 10, seven minute matches or have to split focus watching 2 matches at the same time. Enhance the product.
  12. Not a Chiefs fan haha. Ya"ll be so up in your emotions that ya'll can't even have discussions without discussing feelings.
  13. The same Bengals that got routed by the Browns 41-16? That lost to the Bears? I think you're overvaluing their hot streak. They beat 2 of the 3 teams with the lowest ceilings in the AFC in the Raiders and Titans (with a returning Derrick Henry).
  14. Chiefs without their RB1 in first matchup. However, football has vastly more parity and randomness involved. I don't think KC was the 2nd best team in the league but it doesn't matter much. But GB, TB, and LA Rams were within the same tier as the Bills and Chiefs.
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