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  1. 12 minutes ago, wrestlingnerd said:

    I think 170+ for a 65 kegger, agreed. But I don't think it's poor discipline to cut 10ish (15 is definitely too much) for a guy like JO who has done it constantly. Some people can cut a lot of weight quickly and not be as affected. Obviously, JO is one of them. Dragging out a weight cut for a few days can end up being worse for some. 

    I was never a good weightcutter so it amazes me how much some guys can drop and still go a full 6 or 7 in college. Stephen Abas competed at 170 lbs at one point in MMA. He had JO-like cuts back in his day sometimes. 

    I agree that people are a lot better at cutting weight than others.  I'm amazed at the ones that cut then hydrate/eat and look so much bigger than their opponents.  Then others who just shrink.  Incidentally, Zain looked to me like a guy who shrank and just wasn't as effective with his noticeable muscle loss. 


    In regard to JO, he is so talented, but wonder about his discipline in training diet, etc.  This, and his mentality in wrestling.  If he was offensive consistently, he would be so much more effective.  Anyway, he looks dialed in now. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Katie said:

    Dake won fair and square.  I’m pretty sad, but such is life.  JB had a phenomenal run. Gotta get behind Dake now. 

    JB a tremendous representative for USA wrestling.  Dake is better at this point, but I think JB has regressed with Dake getting better.  Probably just behind Smith on International ladder for USA wrestlers. 

  3. 30 minutes ago, wrestlingnerd said:

    He started his cut around 180. It's insane how big JO gets in the "off-season." I've never seen such a small man have such a sick weight range during a wrestling season. As a % of bodyweight, he may be the cutting GOAT, even giving Mean Gene Mills more than a run for his money. 

    Very talented, but his lack of discipline at times is worrisome. 

  4. Gilman vs Vito: Gilman very fundamental and strong.  Does Vito have the HP at this weight to be serious at the world level?  May want to consider weight up--Yianni's weight. 

    JO vs McKenna: JO is very talented, but very inconsistent.  Be focused and offensive.

    Dake vs JB: JB has bad body language going into the 2nd match.  Dake evolved to be better.  Not sure JB will beat Nolf next year.  A better matchup for Nolf since he won't get horsed.  JB a class act whose legacy is already defined.  Dake needed this for his legacy, JB didn't.  Dake was actually humble-a good look.

    Taylor vs Nickal: Nickal is not great getting to legs, and DT won't fall for the rest.  Amazed at the hate for DT as he has been generally classy throughout his career. 

    Snyder vs Moore: very surprised that Snyder handled him so easily.  Too much respect for past beatings? 

    Gable: the man.  I thought he was the best college wrestler, and he toys with world bronze medalist.  He shouldn't wrestle college--just way too good. 

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