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  1. Yes great work... Congratulations on a wonderful job.
  2. I saw all Carl's NCAA tournament matches.....it looked like he went from one scoring hold to the next with zero resistance....made it look so simple...like a dad wrestling around with a little boy
  3. Why are you guys like this? You. wrestle whoever shows up
  4. Best of luck to Gable, congrats! Thanks for the great amateur wrestling memories! You were fantastic!
  5. Nhs67 thanks for the excellent review afew posts back
  6. I think Smith is one of the top coaches in D1 wrestling.... I remember how bad Missouri was before he arrived
  7. If you are not a fan of Greco...please stay out of this...you make yourself look foolish....
  8. Why is it whenever people write anything on this forum.... everyone starts attacking them?
  9. Buy and then read Amateur Wrestling News
  10. Flemlng was not in NCAA finals
  11. With the sacrifice involved in being a wrestler and you can't get a haircut? Come on!
  12. Cole gave one of my HS wrestlers his shoes after the team photos of the NCAA Champs his senior year..that was pretty cool of him!
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