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  1. Never was in wrestling until recent years...Iowa mostly it seems
  2. Come on .....he was awful
  3. Any old Iowa State guys know if coach Nichols had a champ at all ten weights? I gotta believe he did
  4. Does anyone have a list of college coaches in D1 who have had a champ in each weight class? I thought maybe, Gable Iowa, Sanderson Penn State, Smith Oklahoma State, Roderick Oklahoma State, Nichols Iowa State.. anyone else?
  5. Flying cement...just so you know I don't feel entitled to a single thing , never have. I own a 20 employee HVAC company, have for 40 years..meet my payroll every Friday...no help. Just real good men working hard 5 days aweek....also coached HS wrestling for 35 years and put 3 kids Thur college ,paying full tuition...so kiss my ass
  6. They wear the schools colors on the uniforms and warmups...don't they
  7. I agree some what with the heel... wrestling should not have to beg...the coaches and the guys on the team, work their asses off for the school... Above and beyond
  8. OSU will probably have 2 champs and 5 AA next year....OU is not producing at NCAA's
  9. Damn...thanks ...I coached for 35 years, had many kids who naturally had great balance, hips and strength...others who had very little coordination or athletic ability....and it had nothing to do with race..
  10. I was actually in the 42 man 150lb 1981 bracket....Nate Carr won the weight..he was fantastic
  11. I'm more interested in who's the leaders now...not who could win more.Thats all baloney until it happens.
  12. Times they are a changing! Building your team is like going to the supermarket now! The days of getting 18 year old kids and turning them 8nto D1 wrestlers ,who can compete to one day be an AA are winding down..at least for the top 5 -10 programs...only the struggling lower profile teams have to do it all themselves...no national finalists would have the stones to transfer to Campbell, Hofstra, Binghamton,FM, American,etc.etc.
  13. All stupid ideas
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