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  1. That would be great for Northern Colorado.....Iowa and Penn State don't need another champ! It would be huge at Colorado.
  2. I cut it short.....like he did the bout
  3. No sir... He wasn't wrong.....but you never know... that's why they wrestle the matches..lol
  4. Bino....Bino....Bino...come on he pins the u23 world champ at Carverr Hawkeye in front of 14,000....and the kid he's wrestling had told the play by play guy he " wouldn't be on the mat long" it don't get any better.
  5. Garbino has to hit the top 20..give him his day in the sun
  6. Kevin Jackson moves from Royce Alger, and Troy Steiner staying at 134 instead of bumping for Lincoln Mac
  7. Marinello has not developed on top
  8. Parents get a pass ! Teammates should definitely not cheer or encourage one teammate over another teammate.
  9. Celebrations shouldn't include disrespecting your opponent. I'm old fashioned, but it shows a lack of class in my opinion. Twenty something wrestlers may feel different about it and that's ok
  10. One of my all time favorite coaches along with coach Bobby Douglas
  11. Vito should go wherever he feels best physically.
  12. Never happened in my day
  13. Responding to the original question....I definitely think Desanto can win...they are all so close
  14. Yes great work... Congratulations on a wonderful job.
  15. I saw all Carl's NCAA tournament matches.....it looked like he went from one scoring hold to the next with zero resistance....made it look so simple...like a dad wrestling around with a little boy
  16. Why are you guys like this? You. wrestle whoever shows up
  17. Best of luck to Gable, congrats! Thanks for the great amateur wrestling memories! You were fantastic!
  18. Nhs67 thanks for the excellent review afew posts back
  19. I think Smith is one of the top coaches in D1 wrestling.... I remember how bad Missouri was before he arrived
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