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  1. Jordan Burroughs is the greatest wrestler in USA history
  2. Thomas Gilman is one of the most impressive wrestlers in the whole world Now he has a world title to prove it
  3. The David Taylor-Hassan Yazdani Rivalry is incredible
  4. Fantastic tournament from Daton Fix going to be in the mic at 61kg for a long time
  5. Really impressive showing by gilman
  6. DATON FIX Wow!!!!!! His formula for that trap arm gut is like a cheat code
  7. This is great for women’s wrestling and for the state of Iowa
  8. Kurt Angle as a manager for Gable Steveson sounds so freaking awesome
  9. John Smith has been good on commentary
  10. Heartbreaker for Kyle Snyder but he still leaves the Olympics with a much deserved silver medal
  11. Kyle Snyder vs. Sadulaev round 3 tomorrow for Gold!!!
  12. Excited to see Kyle Snyder start his journey to back to back Olympic Golds
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