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  1. Gable and Mason Parris continuing that rivalry in the WWE would be cool
  2. Jordan Burroughs is the greatest wrestler in USA history
  3. Thomas Gilman is one of the most impressive wrestlers in the whole world Now he has a world title to prove it
  4. The David Taylor-Hassan Yazdani Rivalry is incredible
  5. Fantastic tournament from Daton Fix going to be in the mic at 61kg for a long time
  6. DATON FIX Wow!!!!!! His formula for that trap arm gut is like a cheat code
  7. This is great for women’s wrestling and for the state of Iowa
  8. Kurt Angle as a manager for Gable Steveson sounds so freaking awesome
  9. John Smith has been good on commentary
  10. Heartbreaker for Kyle Snyder but he still leaves the Olympics with a much deserved silver medal
  11. Excited to see Kyle Snyder start his journey to back to back Olympic Golds
  12. The great David Taylor is finally an Olympic champion
  13. WWE need to be drafting the contract for Gable Steveson right now
  14. Who else is pumped for Gable Steveson to bring a new flavor
  15. Tough draw for the whole bracket They gotta wrestle in the same tournament as Kyle Dake
  16. Tamyra Mensah Stock is amazing! Her interview after winning the gold was one of the best I've ever heard from any athlete
  17. Carl Lewis, Michel Phelps and Al Oerter also winners in four consecutive Olympics
  18. Mijaín López just won his 4th Olympic gold medal in greco at 38 years old
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