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  1. I do not hate PSU. I am admittedly an Iowa homer. I do not think there is a single prediction on my list that would be shocking to anyone. It would be surprising if Iowa had 4 champs but these are elite wrestlers that are all clearly capable of winning a title.
  2. 125- Lee 133- Seabass 141 - Eierman 149 - Yianni 157 - Carr 165 - Marinelli 174 - Kemmerer 184 - Amine 197 - Ferrari HWT - Parris
  3. Would Brooks not be very undersized at 197? I never got the impression that he was a particularly large 184lber
  4. I think a lot are missing the forest for the trees here. This is Ed freaking Ruth we are talking about. He was a generational talent with a wrestling style that everyone loved. Getting a guy with his pedigree at a college like Illinois is a huge win for the program.
  5. There has been a lot of highly ranked Apple Valley wrestlers over the years that did not produce at the next level.
  6. While I think there are a myriad of reasons why Coon could and could not succeed in the NFL, lack of size is not one of them. He will be an average sized OT.
  7. It also doesn’t take into account that anyone with conservative ideals (no idea about Hahn) would be miserable in CA. I moved from the Midwest to better weather in the south but there is a 0% chance I would ever move to CA. Different strokes for different folks. There’s a reason for the mass exodus from CA.
  8. He’s building something great at SDSU. Leave him out of this.
  9. I think Virginia is the most surprising team to never have a national champion.
  10. I 100% believe that people should be able to question others. Was referring to the "demanding tolerance, by being intolerant" part.
  11. Is there talk of Carr moving up? I did not think he looked particularly large at that weight last year. Perhaps that is because guys like Deakin and Hidlay were massive for the weight though...
  12. Paul Donahoe transferring out of Nebraska after his modeling career.
  13. ** So come on, Jack be nimble, Jack be quick **
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