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  1. I look forward to seeing who the IL AD hires. This is important for the Big10 and the state of Illinois. I hope that he follows his previous direction with other hires, which would suggest Schwab or Branch and I think both coaches would be outstanding. Le duke, with respect to your comparisons, while you are certainly entitled to your opinion, I would be curious objective data/metrics you relied on to make the statement that U of I is a "significantly better school than UChicago or NWU in many majors". U of I is outstanding in all aspects of engineering and their record speaks for itself. It is also certainly be true that U of I's school of engineering is better than UChicago's. However, that would not be difficult as UChicago does not have a school of engineering. If you take the time to investigate and look at the many different metrics/data available, in terms of overall quality and outcomes of educational programs, the following are fair statements: 1. Overall, UChicago and NWU are "top 20" schools. U of I is a "top 50" school. 2. In the Big10, U of I is a top 4 overall school (NWU, U of Michigan, U of Wisconsin). 3. Regionally, U of I is a top 7 overall school (UChicago, NWU, Wash U, ND, Michigan, Wisconsin)
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