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  1. Without looking at all I assume it's just ranking series criteria? . But also cool to add financial incentive to compete. Its a nice bonus a couple people will get, sure. Spread some money around to the athletes. But its still up to national federations to take care of there wrestlers. If the national fed isn't sponsoring your (or a whole team even) trip to worlds. Then you are not going. Potential 10k 5k or 3k end year pay out or not. Likewise. If your national federation is generous enough to fly you around to ranking series events. Your most likely making too much for 10k to sway you one way or another.
  2. Why is Saitiev clearly above Medved? He is not more decorated.
  3. As wrestling becomes more of a professional career and competition periods start spanning decades regularly, I expect a lot of the under-inflated medal counts of past US wrestlers to be overtaken. Wrestling in prior US eras was typically something you did for an Olympic cycle. It was a temporary scene and more of an experience than even a short term career. And you were on your own. It wasn't a fun position to be in. If an athlete went longer than two cycles , you were a Maverick. If a coaching opportunity arose and you could get it, most people would take it over competing. Same thing was true for other countries during certain times. For the Eastern Bloc athletes when the Soviet Union fell, a two time World and Euro champion like Rostorotzky was forced to leave wrestling because of the terrible economic conditions whereas today (or at the height of the soviet union) he'd be a full time athlete.
  4. It makes sense if you dig into the background of some of the U23 greco members. Why would mediocre College wrestlers do well in a tournament with serious greco athletes and even a couple world class ones. Of course you'd have blow outs when they meet.
  5. The US greco situation reminds me of when the Gallic Roosters or All Blacks face an amateur or semi pro side in union. Funny enough, the US national team in Greco currently serves as experiment to prove Chael Sonnen wrong that Folk is the answers to everything. And they keep on sending these full teams for every event just to get more data points to rub it in his face. Joking aside. At the lower weights (sub 90 kg) where technique is paramount. You are not going to get away with a team of part time greco or late starters. An hour doing folk does not translate to a quality hour of greco. Greco is too different from free and folk. Wanting it hard and calling everyone "talented" won't make up for thousands of hours of a disadvantage (maybe even starting too late and missing critical periods of youth development where muscle memory is especially imprintable). Yes at the heaviest weights, where you can have large disparities in strength, size, and athleticism, you can get away with less Greco training.
  6. Again why is the Greco preview so weird compared to Freestyle's? All the Greco one does is praise a trait of the American entrants style. Every single time for every wrestler. No predictions. No clue which American has a good chance or is a stronger member of the team. Doesn't mention a single foreign wrestler or if there is a big favorite in the field. Whats the point. Might as well just copy and paste the greco roster and say they are all wonderful people who should win gold in win one sentence since you don't get anything else out of the preview.
  7. There is nothing. Just the reality of the international scene. Only stuff for hardcores or the personally involved. I'll stop by here again when the Euros come by, but until then it will be a graveyard or repetitive "GOAT" nonsense talk.
  8. For all the talk of the US's greco troubles, Russia is not riding high. One gold at Olso worlds. Following a one gold performance at Tokyo. And the got it from Vlasov, an older veteran who thought about retiring. You can argue that Evloev would have won Gold, but Semenov and Emelin are not locks. Russia is better at Freestyle than Greco. They are more of a quality control in Greco. Russia doesn't have a Greco region that produces champion after champion.
  9. Great job by the Iranian team. May not have a team title but 4 golds when no other country even had 2 is very impressive, Some thoughts on the wrestlers I talked about before. Geraei. It takes a very special person to repeat at these lower weight classes and he did. The field tested him, but winning close matches is the name of the game at these weights and he did. Yes there was no Ismael and some depth from other medalists, but he beat Zoidze who beat Ismael and is a deserving champ. Saravi is very good. He had a close match with Evloev and was right there, now is a world champ. I talked quite a bit Sargsyan and I wasn't wrong to say that him and Saravi were above the field. Saravi was even better. So what about Evloev. I want to see that match again. One weakness Evleov does have is his par terre defense. He is vulnerable to turns and throws form there. Saravi can exploit that, but it will be hard. Eveolv's 44-1 over 3 years? Aleksanjan might tape his body back together for another go at one of these big tournies as well. A big loss for Sargsyan. He really needed a gold here given Russia's 1 at this weight. Youseffi. I don't know what to feel about Yuseffi. Big accomplishment to win gold at heavy. Puts him in a very special class. But he isn't Iran's 1 from my understanding. Youseffi wouldn't have beaten Riza or Lopez at tokyo imo. 130 was depleted but the complicated thing is aside from Riza, no one who was missing is a class above on the participants on paper. Semenov and Oscar could have lost to people who were there. Acosta was his boring self, came away with no medal. Kajaia's live by the sword die bye the sword low offense caught up to him and got beat by the mediocre Zarubi. I don't know where this puts 130 kg. Especially if Riza declines. Could Semenov late bloom, Amin establish himself, someone new?
  10. Would he wrestle 87 in GR? Thats a 22 lb gap and Hancock is still young. Amos splits his time. He has too given his folk commitments. I know he has entered greco competitions for a long time but how much does actually train greco compared to full time oversees greco people. I did not like what I saw against Mileshin. He looked raw and not fluid. Like someone who lacks hours on the mat doing greco. Heavier weights do have more of lee way for strength and athleticism but....
  11. Amos? He is going the top Div 1 - Freestyle root isn't he? Does he train greco that much? I type him as one of these Folk studs who double enters greco because I'm so good why not take the opportunity I'll just win thanks to natural ability. I saw him wrestle that Russian Greco prospect Mileshin at Juniors. Amos looked out of his depth skill wise, a very technical and controlled defeat. And Mileshin got beaten badly in the final against a guy who was not a full grown 97 in the finals.
  12. Coon's draw wasn't just good. It was legendarily good. He somehow avoided Riza, Oscar, Heiki, and then got absolutely destroyed in the final. The most accomplished person he beat was Kim whose career highlight is that same tournament.
  13. All that is really happening right now is specialists from other countries are beating late comers and jack of all traders, which is completely expected. Add to that, US greco people are not the creme de la creme of wrestling talent.
  14. Limited opportunities and Folk. Doesn't matter if one hundred percent of the budget went to greco, you can't make up for all the resources that Folk funnels to Freestyle. There are 244 thousand men in High schools across America practicing FS sisters style and then 2 and half thousand men continue to practice it at a high level D1 into their 20s. What does Greco offer. A niche circle of youth travel people? Then a tiny amount of places that practice it and the chance to make a 10 man team? That sounds hopeless but the US can still rebound in Greco. There is no big bad Dagestan-Ossetia in Greco. Just the sheer number of people in US wrestling and the growth of academy systems makes me think it will be inevitable that the US gets to at least a Georgia level even if they continue to be second choicers and later in life.
  15. I understand and am sympathetic to this in theory (esp given the disadvantage smaller wrestlers have) . But greco becomes dangerously close to sumo without it, greco should be about great throws pins. Its not fun watching someone push out and ref point their way to wins. With forced par terre you get a chance for throws.
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