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  1. Willie Saylor had a piece on Rokfin over the holiday weekend that was interesting. His take was that Koll was never returning to Cornell due to increasing tensions between him and the Cornell administration. There were multiple factors that I will omit to keep this post brief. He said that his sources had told him that Koll had already been in negotioations with his alma mater North Carolina when the Stanford job came available. The information he presented made the Stanford move more logical in my mind. On a side note Willie said that he thought Nolf coming on board at Stanford was discussed, but there would be no follow through by Koll. He did say that maybe, and I want to stress the maybe that Vincenzo Joseph may be in the mix as an assistant at Stanford. Anyway, I found his take interesting.
  2. I think you are probably on to something with that theory. I was really suprised that Koll left Cornell. You know these elite schools, as well as the states that they are in are really in a lot of ways closed systems. The supporters in the communities for high school and college wrestling seems to be a lot more tight knit than many other sports. These long tenured coaches not only become the face of the college program, but also the state's high school programs. It was a little disheartening to see him walk away from Cornell and New York wrestling after so many years. College wrestling is still a bit of a niche sport and I really don't want to see it go the way of football and basketball, where coaches and athletes are flying around between programs in the off season. I don't begrudge Koll's move, he has every right to seek out new opportunities, but I don't see this as being all that great for the sport in general.
  3. I am skeptical as well. I think his age is a limiting factor in a rebuilding scenario. I think the talent level currently at Stanford is much lower than at Cornell. And as you stated, I think recruits would be wise to avoid the dumster fire that the Stanford athletics department has become in the short term. I do think Koll has a track record of attracting talent to his program, but he will still be forced to recruit back east to succeed. Not sure that happens. I do think the postive for Koll is that expectations for a Koll coached Stanford team is much lower than that of a Koll coached Cornell team. Maybe that was part of his thought process, don't really know. My guess is this doesn't go so well for him.
  4. Billyhoyle. Hilarious. Your post was both topical and accuratre. Bonus points for you sir.
  5. We could call it the wrestle back that got off track?
  6. bnwtwg, that is amazing. You are a man of unigue vision. The only weakness to your plan is you didn't mention Pat Downey. Flo loves Pat Downey. That could be a deal breaker for them
  7. You make solid points as well, Nerd. You guys are all sharp. I should have talked to you guys BEFORE I signed the papers on my last mortgage.
  8. Good points Lurker. I agree, the scenario you described doesn't lend itself to teams. I envisioned it (not that anyone asked about my vision) that if teams were succesful, that it may grow to include international talent. Similar trajectory as the ufc developed. I do see alot of political snags, especially in the old Russian republic countries. If you had teams, you could do a draft every year to keep the "hype" going plus fanatasy leagues and more gambling. To be truthful, gambling is one of the catalysts that keep pro sports going. I think the other problem would be scoring if these guys kepp popping in and out of the league to compete internationally, but I think it would be great if these athletes could earn a salary independent of RTC. I just don't think revenue based on fundraising is a good long term strategy for growth. Aftrer reading your take, I am less optamistic about it. Your position makes a lot of sense.
  9. House, I have thought about that too. I am not anti-Flo, nor pro-Flo. I have subscribed in the past. My feeling is that Flo is about Flo first and sports second. With espn hemorrhaging subscribers and as a result revenue, I think they will be looking to liquidate cash anywhere they can find it. I think they may try to squeeze Flo out of the college market, so they don't have to share ad revenue. Let's be honest Flo won't survive on competitive cheerleding, running, and international wrestling. No offensse to those sports. I feel like their will be a void there soon, and if there was someone/thing to step in that is passionate about growing the sport that would be ideal. You make a good point though.
  10. That whole thing was so bizarre. At this point, any theory is on the table in my mind. That being said, I feel like you could make a lot of money writing novels (fiction or maybe not, whose to say) with your current level of creativity.
  11. With the shortened college season last year, many of the RTCs filled the void with their own televised matches. I for one really enjoyed watching several of them. It seems that over the last 5 years or so, that there has been an accelerated interest and viewership in college wrestling. If our athletes perform well at the Olympics? 1) Do you think that this is the time to use that momentum to make a run at establishing a professional league at least at a regional level? 2) Would you support such an endeavor with real world money, either through subscription or pay per view?
  12. That has to be encouraging news to Buckeye fans.
  13. There appears to be something wrong with his back. His gait is weird. Is he injured?
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