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  1. DEI has become a major fact of life in admissions, and wrestling coaches need to recognize this reality. This is one reason why the elite colleges should be recruiting from California's central valley. I honestly don't know why more high school coaches in California don't emphasize academics just a little bit more, there are so many good athletes from disadvantaged backgrounds that could advance to elite colleges with the right high school academic support. College wrestling programs could protect themselves politically too. This was one of the Stanford team's claims, that they were one of the more diverse sports teams, racial and socioeconomically. This was a claim made by athletes on the UC Davis team when the state senators opened an investigation into how the messed up process worked for dropping the wrestling team in 2009. I bring up UC Davis as an example of how back in 2009 state senators inserted themselves into the process to support DEI (not called that then), and although that particular effort was ultimately unsuccessful, it shows that a diverse athlete profile can serve as political protection.
  2. Stanford has something called a co-term, integrates undergrad with a masters. It's not difficult to get into. I believe Connor Schram was enrolled in a co-term, not sure. Many wrestlers have done this in the past.
  3. Chances are a lot higher for grad school, especially for something like engineering. Many masters programs are not nearly as competitive to get into as undergrad and transfer. That is, programs that are not Ph.D., MBA, MD, or JD.
  4. There are a few things we do know. Unlike many schools, Stanford admissions office won't guarantee coaches that they will admit the second level supported athletes. So it is important for a coach to choose to support athletes in this second group that are admissible. I'm pretty sure that in the recent past the coaches have known the first choice athletes will be admitted. I don't think Stanford admissions is going to change things much in the future even if Stanford wins Pac 12. The other sports at Stanford are often nationally competitive as well. The number of admits I mentioned earlier in both categories will probably continue to be in the ballpark of what to expect. Learning how to work with admissions was Borelli's major accomplishment.
  5. While maybe they don't have slots, coaches do have preferred recruits that, under Borelli, almost all get accepted. Stanford wrestling has two categories of recruits. The guys the coaches really want, and the guys that the coaches will support. The number varies each year partially depending on size of graduating class. Admissions will mostly admit the guys the coaches really want (given that they qualify academically). The second group that the coaches support have a roughly 50% chance of getting accepted, varying depending on year. In a larger year it's been up to 8 in the first group and 3 of 5 in the second. A smaller year has been 6 in the first and 2/4 in the second group.
  6. Not necessarily, just make sure to recruit the right guys. Borelli has been doing a good job at that, which shows it can be done. McKenna, Griffith, Abas, etc.
  7. Dropping 11 sports at once and later reversing it could be the best thing that ever happened to the wrestling team. Now that all these teams realize they are stronger if they stand together, it's hard imagine that Stanford will drop wrestling without a strong show of support by the other sports and their alumni. This, plus Koll, could really put Stanford on the move. Lack of money has not been an issue in the past, but the public financial commitment will also lead to momentum.
  8. It's super tough to transfer into Stanford. Almost never happens.
  9. Stanford has around 4.5 wrestling scholarships, but really doesn't need more since their financial aid is so generous. If your family makes less than $150,000, no tuition for you. Many of the wrestlers get substantial financial aid. Thanks Arrillagas! It's been pretty easy to recruit to Stanford, the school alone is incentive enough. The main reason Borelli has been successful is that he figured out how to recruit guys that would get accepted, unlike McCoy before him. McCoy recruited great wrestlers but then couldn't get them admitted. Recruiting the right guys is key.
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