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  1. Shakhiev would have beaten Yianni bad
  2. Zherbaev disappointed. Baev would have won gold
  3. Something tells me Magomedov wins, not so sure why, though
  4. Uguev will beat him more clearly next time
  5. He is great, and can maybe get gold this year. But I would pick Rashidov, Otoguro and probably Aliyev to beat him. I think he is unproven against most of the top 65ers
  6. Can JO or McKenna win anything at their weight categories? I doubt they will become world champions, but a bronze is likely for both? I don't think Diakomihalis or Green would gold either.
  7. Do the semi-finals start at 6:30 ET? and are there any links?
  8. Anybody who isn't Pat Downey, is considered to be an upset.
  9. Why do you think it could be the only time for Dake-Sidakov? They could always face each other at the 2022 Ivan Yarygin, European Qualifying tournament, or any other prestigious tournament. The World Championships are a last resort. Dake should still be a player for the next few years, and Sidakov will be the guy to beat at 74kg.
  10. Interesting. Yes, it should be. It should be like the 2016 world championships. The best of those who didn't make the olympic teams should be there.
  11. Nice idea But hear me out. How about .5 points for a takedown, and 2 points for a pushout?
  12. Abolish GR because of its stupid rules Focus solely on freestyle
  13. Sambo is pretty popular in Dagestan, and Judo maybe on the rise in Ossetia (due to Madina Taimazova's bronze medal), but they are both much stronger in wrestling than they are in Judo/Sambo.
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