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  1. I went on a recruiting visit at the end of my senior year. One of the activities I got involved with during my visit was a friendly sumo competition with one of my hosts. We even wore those cute sumo outfits. It was best 2 out of 3 if my memory serves me correctly.
  2. Start overtime in small circle and have a step out rule for it. First points win. After 30 seconds, if no one scores double DQ. Should been a quick sequence.
  3. USAW Nationals Championship Rounds - 6:00 Junior 9th-12th - 5:00 (83.33%) 16U - 4:28 (74.44%) Consolation Rounds - 5:00 Junior 9th-12th - 4:18 (86.00%) 16U - 3:52 (77.33%)
  4. I decided to give attention to only middle school championship rounds to compare to high school. Interestingly middle school championship matches are shorter than high school consolation matches even though they're scheduled for 30 seconds longer.
  5. NHSCA HIGH SCHOOL Championship Rounds - 6:00 12th Grade - 4:49 (80.28%) 11th Grade - 4:37 (76.94%) 10th Grade - 4:24 (73.33%) 9th Grade - 4:01 (66.94%) 9th-12th Girls - 3:11 (53.06%) Consolation Rounds - 4:00 12th Grade - 3:35 (89.58%) 11th Grade - 3:31 (87.92%) 10th Grade - 3:28 (86.67%) 9th Grade - 3:23 (84.58%) 9th-12th Girls - 2:58 (74.17%) MIDDLE SCHOOL Championship Rounds - 4:30 6th-8th Grade - 3:06 (68.89%)
  6. I looked up some numbers from the NHSCA and USAW Nationals this year comparing average to scheduled times. These both are folkstyle events.
  7. Shrink the red outer circle so there's less room to "run."
  8. It'd be a simpler situation to address if there was a step-out rule for the red center circle. Make the circle a little bigger to accommodate for the rule.
  9. Just get rid of football. What I found from a quick google search. Florida incident could be non-football related, but article makes note of other situations from the past decade. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/high-school/bs-md-ci-elijah-gorham-mervo-football-player-dies-20211011-w4zgiasxmra7fgbuu5m5wpvnqe-story.html https://apnews.com/article/sports-football-health-media-new-york-649396ca6220b41ae032986ebd8371a9 https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/florida-high-school-football-player-dies-after-collapsing-during-practice-n1280300
  10. Suriano back to Penn State from Rutgers? Also, any relation to the dude from LOTR?
  11. I presume this is going to be a 10 bout dual. Score 8 out of 10 towards team scoring. Coaches pick which 8 count. The other 2 could be non-team scoring matches, or could use one for a tie-breaker if necessary.
  12. I'd like to see a rule modification since this is an exhibition. Use a folkstyle mat. Instead of a shot clock, restart the match with a step-out rule for the small circle. When a score occurs, then continue match from normal area of activity (the big circle).
  13. I've only dabbled in greco in practice. That was around 20 years ago. It is an odd situation though. There was no action for the first 1:30 then 5 points were scored from nothing which determined the match. I think the best way to avoid this situation is to restart from neutral, rather than going to par terre, and implement a step-out rule for the small circle. In effect, there'd be 2 types of step-out rules for the outer and inner circles.
  14. I noticed that 6th graders are allowed to compete in Florida, or that was a typo in the results. I could've been a 7 year high school wrestler starting at 103. If lower weight classes can't be filled by high school wrestlers then the issue is with the weight classes.
  15. And that also. I'll get back to you on that.
  16. Recently I've put some focus on match times of various events and noticed how much different the average time for matches can be from the match time scheduled. This got me wondering about how wrestling can evolve or what it can look like in 5, 10, 15, 20+ years. 1. Looking at average match times (I'll post some numbers later) it would make sense that shorter matches can occur. 2. Passivity/Stalling can be addressed. I've made some comments on other threads about how to achieve this. 3. It's been a few years since I've watched World's Strongest Man but I'm thinking that's another direction the sport could go. WSM has different events for different muscle groups. Wrestling could have leg clinch, par terre, upper body clinch circa early 2000's, etc. Basically, situational drills. 4. Going to a regional format similar to the Little League World Series. Not this year's LLWS however.
  17. Passivity is one of those situations that can be subjective. It's become less subjective with the step out rule and the, more recently, activity clock. Both rules have existed after my "athletic" days but I would've enjoyed being involved with. I think there's a way to give more control over to the wrestlers and limit the officials impact. Instead of an activity clock, restart the match in the middle of the mat with the same rules but wrestlers are limited to the small circle until someone scores. After scoring occurs, then the match can return to the big circle area. I'm thinking of the dimensions of a high school mat.
  18. It's a move that can have success at the high school level also.
  19. What are the thoughts of middle school wrestlers in high school? There are some high school associations that allow this. This sport may be the most common for this to occur. Perhaps the only one. I have my opinion about this but am interested with knowing others.
  20. This is one of those matches that hasn't aged well. It's like the Star Wars The Force Awakens. Big deal at first, then as time goes on, you realize it's basically the same movie as the original but with updated graphics. Karelin lost that match btw.
  21. Whose the House of Representatives got the back of?
  22. Just figured it'd be a "fun fact of the day" sort of thing. I noticed most weights went 2-0 over the weekend. When a loss does occur it would seem to be to someone who was also a medal or champion caliber wrestler.
  23. How often does the person who loses a match in the WTT Finals but manages to win the series and goes on to medal or win World's? This can apply to the Olympics also. I think Brands and Cross went 3 in '96.
  24. Use a folkstyle mat. The big circle is for the normal area of activity. When a situation occurs with little action or scoring, stop the match and restart in the small circle. Same match rules apply except wrestlers are limited to the small circle until someone scores. Wrestlers should have more control over scoring points quickly rather than based on referee's discretion (e.g. activity clock or passivity/par terre). I don't take credit for the photo.
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