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  1. Opendorse looks like the Onlyfans of NIL. I'm almost positive any of the major deals like Steveson, Bryce Young, and blue chip basketball recruits don't have the slightest thing to do with their platform. One very good thing about Opendorse is that it allows athletes who otherwise wouldn't have any chance at endorsements to make some cash by producing what's basically social media content.
  2. Kevin Jackson with two worlds and Brandon Slay with an olympic title are the only two that come to mind in freestyle. I'm sure there's more
  3. Look at the bottom of the article instead of the little box at the beginning and you'll see he took home gold at Pan Am qualification and Matteo Pellicone last year.
  4. I'm surprised that ref didn't stop the match to go speak with Gilman's manager
  5. Why did that ref try and hit Gilman with caution and one when he was on bottom?
  6. I have a bad feeling this ref will play a major part in the outcome of the match
  7. Burroughs will probably be on about 45 minutes to an hour after Gilman. Five matches between them.
  8. Japan is probably in the position now that the second best female wrestler in the world in several weights is their backup.
  9. I think this will properly summarize our performance at this year's worlds.
  10. Terrible match, great outcome.
  11. That first period was like a bad Greco match
  12. Snyder has such a simple and efficient offense that it makes his matches almost boring to watch
  13. Well, the Azerbaijani managed to beat Green without making a single offensive move
  14. Snyder got the tech, but he looked a little off. A win is a win at this level I guess
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