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  1. Should have enough time between now and the second semester to put together a 9 part Flo series on him. It will be called "Suriano: Redemption" or something pretentious like that
  2. If you're talking about the NCAA finalist from Rider, I thought he was finished with college wrestling. He's listed as a coach for Army. He could just be wrestling as a graduate like others used to in the Midlands.
  3. Sucks we don't get PSU-Iowa, but it still looks entertaining as hell. Thanks for putting on this tourney.
  4. Since Flo has made the terrific decision to lock all of the dual results behind their paywall this year, is there any other source for complete scores? Last year's (no paywall) This year's (paywalled)
  5. He refused to sell out his wrestlers to save his own behind and he was one of the biggest title IX opponents. I'll always be a J Rob fan.
  6. Unless Echemendia has vastly improved on bottom, he's going to lose a lot of matches. I wouldn't put it past his opponents to choose top.
  7. Opendorse looks like the Onlyfans of NIL. I'm almost positive any of the major deals like Steveson, Bryce Young, and blue chip basketball recruits don't have the slightest thing to do with their platform. One very good thing about Opendorse is that it allows athletes who otherwise wouldn't have any chance at endorsements to make some cash by producing what's basically social media content.
  8. Kevin Jackson with two worlds and Brandon Slay with an olympic title are the only two that come to mind in freestyle. I'm sure there's more
  9. Look at the bottom of the article instead of the little box at the beginning and you'll see he took home gold at Pan Am qualification and Matteo Pellicone last year.
  10. I'm surprised that ref didn't stop the match to go speak with Gilman's manager
  11. Why did that ref try and hit Gilman with caution and one when he was on bottom?
  12. I have a bad feeling this ref will play a major part in the outcome of the match
  13. Burroughs will probably be on about 45 minutes to an hour after Gilman. Five matches between them.
  14. Japan is probably in the position now that the second best female wrestler in the world in several weights is their backup.
  15. I think this will properly summarize our performance at this year's worlds.
  16. Terrible match, great outcome.
  17. That first period was like a bad Greco match
  18. Snyder has such a simple and efficient offense that it makes his matches almost boring to watch
  19. Well, the Azerbaijani managed to beat Green without making a single offensive move
  20. Snyder got the tech, but he looked a little off. A win is a win at this level I guess
  21. Nice and easy 10-0 tech by Green. Good way to start the day. Way too early to be up watching wrestling.
  22. Nothing in the world is getting cheaper now. I don't begrudge Flo for making money at all, but the all or nothing $150 stops people dead in their tracks when they only want to see a single event. It's the equivalent of going to a restaurant and having to order the entire menu to get the one meal you want. With the exception of NFL Sunday ticket, I don't know of another single major streaming service that isn't available on a monthly basis.
  23. Charging people $150 for an event that's free to watch for every other country in the world is in no way good for the popularity of wrestling in the US no matter how you try and explain it. Yeah, I get that the $150 includes a bunch of other content, but for people who just want to see the world championships, it's way too much to pay.
  24. We had the men in 95 in Atlanta, but that's the last one I remember before Vegas Edit: 2003 NYC was mens FS
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