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  1. Definitely another great choice! I guess that’s what I was sort of getting at … I love the fact that Greco (wrestling in general) is getting showcased but it feels a little incomplete without a seasoned Greco Roman voice.
  2. Agreed, Joe Rau is a great guy and would definitely be a very knowledgeable choice! Very relatable and he knows Greco, no doubt.
  3. For sure. I appreciate him acknowledging that … I appreciate what he’s done in the sport of wrestling (Certainly more than I have). I just wish we could’ve had one of the many knowledgeable Greco Roman athletes our country is blessed with talking viewers through the matches.
  4. After hearing some of the commentary, it seems Greco is really misunderstood here in the US. At times it felt like … “Why are they standing up? You can’t use your legs!” I’m very thankful for the coverage. My point is just that, it may help advance the style with young athletes if there were a voice with advance knowledge explaining the matches.
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