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  1. From what I know he retired in 2020, but haven't heard anything about him popping for juicing. He seems pretty low-key, hard to find info on him. That said, he was an awesome wrestler, JB couldn't do anything with him in Rio.
  2. Sadulaev didn't wrestle at this tournament.
  3. This is not the Sotiev match, its already the semi-final. This is the Sotiev match: Just last month Sotiev - Jabrailov took place and Jabrailov won 4:2 barely. Great win for Snyder! Would have beaten Jabrailov handily IMO.
  4. Snyder giving a seminar in Sadulaev's wrestling school. Btw they asked Snyder if he plans similar reception for Sadulaev in USA and he said he has something in mind. So perhaps Sad visits the U.S. on a similar trip.
  5. He will be wrestling at the Umakahnov tournament, and the 97kg class starts on Friday. He is not wrestling Gadisov, they actually asked Gadisov and he said he is not in shape and doesn't train much. Gadisov btw, is a very cool guy, very articulate and he said in 1 interview, he thinks of himself as an average wrestler.
  6. Long press-conference 30 min for the tournament. Kyle starts around 15 min in. Dude in the middle is def. annoying.
  7. Jabrailov got sick so match with Snyder won't happen -- but there is some cup they participate in shortly after (Nolf, Snyder).
  8. Yes, I've seen other videos where Sad is practicing striking. It seems this comment of Sadulaev that most MMA fighters are failed wrestlers definitely annoyed some people there. But somehow Sad doesn't seem to think Khabib or Islam or others are great wrestlers, and he implies it, which definitely annoys MMA fans.
  9. Longer clips of the Sadulaev / Snyder meet-up in Moscow at the dinner table. They asked Snyder if he watches a movie called "Santa Barbara", or TV series, he looked thoroughly confused :)
  10. Right, to me he sounded like a person who is very familiar with MMA reporting and attending events, definitely yes. He is basically right in a way that wrestling can be improved a bit in terms of show-making, but definitely sounded a bit dismissive. And see the comments too, can be translated to English. In some sense, it is likely that wrestling can get more popularity if such Sad/Khabib or Sidakov/Makhachev match-ups are created.
  11. Sadulaev vs. Nurov: Sidakov vs. KAdimagomedov: Vlasov vs. Sadulaev warming up: Alrosa weigh-ins and Sadulaev interview: says he communicates with Snyder to show him around in Dagestan when he arrives now. Also, Snyder arrives in Moscow and has dinner with Sadulaev, Gatsalov, Rashidov and coaching staff:
  12. An interesting recent video related to the topic of this thread: basically what it is : - the Russian Wrestling Federation did more a show wrestling tournament this week and a journalist analyzed how it differs really from MMA shows like the UFC. - btw Sidakov beat Kadimagomedov handily, repeat of Olympic final. And Sadulaev beat Nurov 5:1. - Journalist says the wrestlers are much less friendly to questions than MMA fighters and that the shows are badly organized. He wanted to know how strong Sadulaev is but noone wanted to answer him. And also, how would Sidakov vs. Makhachev end in wrestling 5 min then grappling 5 min? or Sadulaev vs. Jon Jones? or Sadulaev vs. Oleinik in grappling? And why doesn't Sadulaev want to wrestle with MMA fighters? - Sadulaev at 8:24 says about wrestlers turned MMA fighters: basically he says "losers who failed at wanting to be wrestlers" seems semi-jokingly or not clear. Its quite clear Sad is annoyed with hearing about "the great wrestlers in MMA". - Gatsalov at 9:13 says he had offer to fight in the UFC but decided to focus on wrestling/coaching as he loves that and they kept asking him if he grappled to try it and he said but that he has not been subbed yet. They ask him also Makhachev vs. Sidakov to see the 5 min wrestling and 5 min grappling. And he says yes and that there will be future such match-ups happening for sure. - The whole thing says that wrestling federations/wrestlers are spoiled to rely on money from government and so on and not actually try to be entertaining for the media. - He wants wrestling to be more like a show and more open to the public like MMA.
  13. pa, I am mostly reflecting what I read. And btw yes one can ignore this match-up but these type of match-ups are definitely on the rise, for instance just yesterday Chimaev challenged DC to a wrestling match and Jones posted his practice with J'Den Cox. There we other such matches up like Gordon Ryan vs. Pat Downey and more recently, so I think these cross-matchups will happen more and more often.
  14. Actually it got amplified by Jimmy Pedro who said on the Lex Fridman podcast that Kayla would beat Khabib strictly in Judo.
  15. I think Thompson meant not that he beat Ed Ruth, but that Khabib did it. I guess the topic will get hotter now with Chimaev making waves and recently having a wrestling match in Sweden which he won, so now people think he is the best MMA wrestler -- Chimaev said he beat some wrestler who went to Olympics in wrestling and he is a Swedish national champ now, so people may start speculating whether he can also beat active wrestlers. Interestingly, Chimaev was 3rd in Russian Junior Nationals which is quite impressive, unlike Khabib who has never competed in wrestling. Poor Sadulaev, somehow there are many fantasy wrestling match-ups with him especially with the Russian MMA wrestlers where he loses every time :)
  16. MMA fans believe Khabib is special wrestling in the cage. This gets perpetrated by few points over the years: He is competitive in wrestling with 2x Olympian Daniel Cormier at AKA [various interviews]. He outwrestled some mid-level NCAA wrestlers in MMA. He is from Dagestan, known to have great wrestling. His father saying he wrestles 10's of hours a year with Russian National Champ Gadzhimagomedov. An interview by Josh Thompson saying he outwrestles NCAA D-1 champions like Ed Ruth and others [not clear in MMA or pure wrestling in the cage]. Every MMA fighter he fought saying how strong he is and how balanced he is. So based on the above, 99% of MMA fans, who know nothing about Sadulaev except he is yet another great wrestler from Russia, somehow believe Khabib has a chance in the cage. The plan I saw was that Khabib would shoot on Sad and Sad would sprawl and then Khabib would push him to the cage from the fake attack, like he usually does to everyone else. Then Sad would be trapped with his back against the cage in a position he is not familiar with in freestyle wrestling, and Khabib would trip him from there. Somehow the belief is that Khabib is not weaker physically than Sadulaev given he is equal with Cormier who is about the same weight class and now heavier.
  17. In wrestling Sad would obviously win, the discussion I saw was about what happens if they wrestle in the cage (like Jones/Henderson at some event)? Could Khabib push Sadulaev to the cage and trip him there? Then how long the match goes? Khabib's father said after 15-20 min or so, Khabib can outwrestle any world champion as the champ [Sadulaev in this case] will get tired. So more the discussion was around if the match is longer (say 15-20 min) in the cage. Of course, a separate discussion is if they grapple, could Khabib submit him, etc. I believe they will have a friendly session at some point in the next 2-3 years when Sadulaev retires [may be after Paris 2024]. I think some MMA fans think Khabib is so good in wrestling in the cage, that he will dominate this match as well, which likely won't happen.
  18. Not sure about MMA, Khabib has some decent boxing and Sadulaev probably has 0 clue how to box. About grappling, Khabib will try to triangle him / arm-bar Sads, which may work as Sad probably has very little if 0 submission grappling experience.
  19. I think one of the things I read a while ago was that because Khabib wrestled a lot with Cormier and also in Dagestan, he somehow knows both styles, while Sadulaev is more limited, that is, Khabib may surprise him with a technique he hasn't seen if they wrestle in a cage: may be a judo trip next to the fence or some top control. I suspect btw Sads may be tough to submit if he trains a bit of BJJ/grappling, he seems very compact. Anyway, I think we will see this match relatively soon.
  20. Uwwdoc, I am not sure its local politics -- from all the interviews I've heard of Sads about MMA, he doesn't like it that MMA is recognized above freestyle wrestling as he somehow believes wrestling is the purest form of combat. He also, I think, doesn't like when they ask him if MMA fighter X is a great wrestler. And at training camp videos I've never seen him wrestle MMA guys, while the others do. btw, at 0:15 with Zabit, he tries to take Sads back, and Sads turn so fast towards him, its crazy. Also the wrestler Khabib's father referred to was Ahmed Gadzhimagomedov, the guy that beat Dake an lost to Dake.
  21. btw, Khabib's father (RIP) said Khabib regularly trains with Russian World Champion wrestlers and that if the match lasts 20 minutes he would beat any wrestler in the world, in wrestling, because Khabib would tire them out: he would lose the first 3-4 minutes and then equal the pace and then win towards the end.
  22. I guess the discussion was more that Khabib has a very wrestling heavy style and is considered an MMA GOAT as well to some degree at least. And they are relatively close weight-size (Khabib is said to be around 90kg off season). So if they wrestle in a cage, some people speculated that Khabib could potentially push Sads against the cage and trip him down. Its also interesting what happens submission-wise if they do that, could Khabib somehow take Sads down and take his back somehow. I think this match is going to happen for sure in the next couple of years as they are from the same region, and it seems Sadulaev wants to get wrestling to be more popular. I saw an interview with him somewhere where they asked him what he thinks of Khabib's wrestling and again he didn't answer it directly, seems his opinion is not too high :) There is a clip btw of Sads vs. Zabit Magomedsharipov, another MMA star from Dagestan play wrestling, so based on this people also thought Khabib would do better:
  23. I guess the idea is that Khabib gets Sad to the fence and trips him down.
  24. The interview with Sads on this (there are few others): https://rsport.ria.ru/20210807/sadulaev-1744845140.html He says: "I will definitely not go to MMA, I still need my brains. But wrestling with Khabib would be interesting, of course. And I think me and him will definitely wrestle at some point. " I am not sure how close friends they are -- Sad was asked once in an interview about this and he laughed it off and didn't answer. There seems to be some back story here -- given I keep reading about this match at various places, it sounded like Khabib or someone else has said something to Sad about this wrestling match and it annoys Sad. In contrast to Khabib, Sad says he is friends and likes Snyder and they write each other occasionally. Also, at various Russian wrestling team practices on YouTube, I've seen MMA guys from Russia training (like Petr Yan), but I've never seen Sad go live with them, while some of the others do. There seems to be something about MMA that Sad doesn't like [he seems more of a classic wrestler, following rules, and doesn't like the drama or mixing styles] -- from his interviews about Snyder, he seems to like this part about Snyder as well. I think the discussion I saw was more like if Khabib can get Sadulaev to the cage (if they do more of a Jon Jones/Henderson grappling match/wrestling match in a cage), whether Khabib can take him down with a Judo trip or something and keep him there? MMA fans seem to think Khabib has a 50/50 chance in the cage given Khabib is good at wrestling in a cage. Khabib walks around 200 lbs and Sad is not a huge 97kg wrestler. They may be close in weight, may be 5-10 lbs difference.
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