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  1. Fujinami's injury wasn't severe then. I heard some rumors about it being bad. I will probably struggle with Shidochi vs Mukaida for a while, given how long I've used the latter.
  2. Pico's set himself up lately more as a striker who can't be taken down. Those hooks to the liver make me clench up every time I see them.
  3. I would assume most tournaments, especially in California, will still allow this. I mean, it's an extra registration fee... In Oklahoma? Who knows. The "off-season" aka "get ready for college by wrestling freestyle" will be even more important. National level tournaments where hammers get to see other hammers will be necessary for top level girls.
  4. No reason to defer, we're just shooting the **** here. CA_Wrestler is *the source* for the questions about Japan. I'm optimistic about the future as well, but not in the near term. There isn't enough depth in anybody's program to bring 5 hammers deep at each weight. There won't be for a while. Girls who want consistent high level partners will need to wrestle boys. That's getting rarer as girls wrestling becomes its own sport.
  5. Iron sharpens iron as they say. As we transition away from coed tournaments and coed wrestling rooms, there's a depth that will need to be made back up with girl wrestlers. We aren't deep enough anywhere to make this happen right now. I don't see this happening for at least 5 years. I don't see too many people even talking about it.
  6. It will be hard to find that balance. Dom had 100 wins against boys in California during her high school career. I don't see that being replicated by anyone these days. More girls will end up wrestling in college, but I don't see the top 5 at each weight being as tough as in the past. I've had this conversation with several collegiate coaches and they're noticing the same thing on incoming freshman classes.
  7. In a word, yes. Gray is 31 and just had twins. I'm sure she comes back, but it's a tough row to hoe. Mensah-Stock has a year of additional training and competition under her belt now. We'll have to see how Adeline does. She looks great in the pics I've seen. Too many unknowns to have much certainty though. If I were Elor in 2024, I'd go up.
  8. 50 - Hildebrandt is a lock. Anthony, Lampe, Fearnside may challenge, but it's Hildebrandt 53 - I don't see Dom moving. I don't see anyone beating her domestically. 55 - Winchester is pretty likely to stay. Where does Burkert go? 57 - Nobody is beating Maroulis domestically. 59 - Wide open. I think Nelson will end up on top, but I have a soft spot for Nette. Keep an eye on Janida Garcia and Estrella. 62 - Miracle stays, may have some tough matches with Page, Hilty, etc 65 - Velte likely has a lock unless Hilty moves up. Mal is wrestling the best I've ever seen her(Hat tip to Nate Engel/Beaver Dam RTC here). Where does Molinari go? Where does Bruntil go? 68 - Mensah-Stock 72 - Lots of potential movement, but I see Elor staying and getting more experience here. 76 - Wide open. I don't know if Gray is able to make a successful return. Makoyed, Elor, Guilford, Bell, Big Blades, Welker are all going to be in the hunt. The current women's World Team is really very strong. Cracking that nut will be tough. When we get to 2024 in Paris is where the crunch will come as we go render down to 6 weights. I think it's hard to overestimate the inherent value in being a USAW World Team member in that you get better support, coaching, training and you get first choice of which international tournaments you want to go to. That international experience is a big deal and having the option to chose which ones you want makes your schedule easier to manage. Don't overlook the incumbent advantage of sitting in Final X while everyone else kills each other to get to you. Injuries, burnout, etc played a big role in the last few World Team Trials.
  9. I'm a fan, I've sat her corner at nationals, I tried to tempt her to come to SFU. As I said above, I see her completely fixing her two biggest problems. Gassing and a lack of patience/match awareness.
  10. I think 68s is more likely because Elor has a smaller frame than most of the women at 76s and lots of coaches have a mindset about that. She could go up to 76s and still be competitive, no doubt. I think it would be a better move for a very young, very good competitor to have her wrestle fat and happy. We shall see.
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