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  1. He's a funny guy too. We were shooting the **** in the warmup area and laughing like hell. Genuinely decent guy.
  2. Interesting question. Flow, having bought Track, is now the defacto monopoly. They've purchased the broadcasting rights for the US market from the UWW. Who else is there? The disparity between the men's freestyle and women's freestyle coverage is pretty stark.
  3. I'd say Mike Jones at Simon Fraser University deserves some credit for turning Helen around after she lost to Kelsey Campbell at Olympic Trials. She went on to win three more collegiate titles for SFU after transferring there.
  4. There are two ranking events scheduled for February with lots of TBD around them. I doubt they'll really happen. Next event I'm counting on happening is the US Open in April.
  5. I've been to three U23 world championships. I got an education there.
  6. Against Japan, Dom's wrestled Mukaida, Okuno, Igarashi twice, Mochizuki... It's an uphill battle, no doubt. She'll be training down in AZ with Sunkist. I think we're going to see some upgrades.
  7. Let's put a pin in this topic and revisit it in April at the US Open.
  8. I'll make a bold prediction: 53kgs is where we have a breakout performance in the next few years... I might be biased.
  9. Flow has been ignoring women's wrestling for a decade at least. WCWAs in 2019, they didn't even record most of the matches. I wrote them an email and got the response that was basically, "Too bad, so sad. Piss off." Imagine the storm if they'd just failed to record most of the 2019 NCAA DI tournament? Check the brackets yourself, only the semi finals and finals were recorded. https://arena.flowrestling.org/event/3f93bf76-ce6c-6562-9d4f-9cb0ce46630f
  10. I doubt we'll see much of the Flo team after their paid feed cut out during Maroulis' finals match.
  11. Aaaaaand the Flo feed is dead again.
  12. You could take her picture there and put it in the dictionary under 'bittersweet'. Tamyra is honestly one of the nicest people I've ever met. Just a real sweetheart.
  13. Can you imagine the **** storm if this had happened during the men's FS finals?
  14. Install Hola, set to UK, and we're back.
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