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  1. https://uww.org/article/uww-five-year-strategic-plan-enhance-womens-wrestling-transform-digitally
  2. 72kg Marano vs Kakran (IND) for the bronze medal match. Push out + passive vs goofy scramble. 2-2 at the break.
  3. The problem was that the link in the bracket for the gold medal match linked to the wrong match video. The landing page shows CAN vs UKR, but the video is for RUS vs SRB. I was able to find another page with both the correct video and the correct names. There are two pages purporting to be the gold medal match at this point. As a software guy, I can only surmise that the process is being done manually. This is error prone and should be automated. P.S. I was editing as you were replying and added the correct link. P.P.S. My frustration is with your software and I appreciate you responding here.
  4. Women's 62kg final was a great match! Ana Godinez Gonzalez(CAN) (SFU wrestler, slight bias) is down 7-0 at 2:47 and scores 10 unanswered points to win gold. If you want an example for young female wrestlers showing how conditioning wins matches, then this match is it. lol. I was going to suggest watching the match, however, in another display of ineptitude, Flo has the wrong match (RUS v SRB bronze medal match) under that link. Here's supposed link to this match.(https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6884700-2021-u23-world-championship/videos?playing=7195212&limit=60) Found it by digging around. (https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6884700-2021-u23-world-championship/videos?playing=7195240&limit=60) The incorrect match film above is linked through the Flo Arena bracket link for the gold medal match.
  5. One thing I really like about this tournament is that the announcer narrates the challenges and tells everyone what the decision was and why, explicitly enumerating the points.
  6. Right ? I was thinking the same thing Looking at the 65kg men's bracket and there are the in the qualifying round alone.
  7. There are a surprising number of forfeits at this tournament.
  8. I would ****ing wreck Khabib at building real time operating system drivers incorporating functional safety requirements for L4 autonomous electric vehicles. BRING IT!
  9. Finals WW – 50-55-59-68-76kg 50kg Shilson vs Pawar(IND) - Weird scramble to start things off. Shilson with a hard head and arm. Gets the fall. U23 World Champion Emily Shilson! Wrestlers still alive: 68kg Fiske going for bronze (bout 408) - Got to the match late. Sorry, Lyv. Fiske loses 3-3 on criteria. Places 5th. 72kg Marano going for bronze (bout 429) - Contested tomorrow. 76kg Welker going for bronze (bout 409) - Nice double leg defense by Welker. Reasco Valde(ECU) is a similar big strong body type to Welker. Welker with a TD straight to a lace but couldn't turn it. Again, solid double leg defense which leads to seatbelt position and a quick hip toss for the fall. U23 Bronze Medalist Kylie Welker! Team scores
  10. Semifinals 53kg Heaton is eliminated after Guzman(ECU) beats Vynnyk(UKR) 9-7 in the semifinals. 57kg Martinez is eliminated when Kolawole(NGR) gets pinned in the semifinals. 62kg Bruntil is eliminated when Campagna loses 3-2 in the semifinals. 65kg Ortega is eliminated when Nisha(IND) loses 8-4 in the semifinals. 72kg Marano is pinned by Alpyeyeva(UKR) Rough day.
  11. Flo's article disagrees with Flo's Arena Team points are off https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/7194239-russia-out-to-early-lead-at-u23-worlds-womens-freestyle
  12. Men's draws are out. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2021/November/04/U23-MFS-draws
  13. Thanks for the play by play. These are great My pleasure.
  14. Yes. Daniel Igali has done an excellent job with the NGR women's team.
  15. Repechage: 68kg Fiske vs Monika (IND). Fiske wins 5-4 with a last minute take down and arm bar turn. IND should have gotten called passive and for an obvious pulling on the singlet. sigh. Fiske moves to the Bronze medal match vs Chudyk (UKR) Qualifying round: 62kg Bruntil vs Cakmak(TUR) - a match of inches 1-1 at the break, Bruntil winning via snaps and go behinds. Folkstyle roots again. Spin drill clinic and 8-3 win. Campagna(ITA) next. 53kg Heaton vs Makhyaddinova(KAZ) - Ronna is tenacious on defense. Scrambler. She's become much more comfortable shooting in the last year. Ronna steps over on a slow KAZ shot and almost pins her. KAZ shoots to the knees and gets steamrolled. Win by fall. Vynnyk(UKR) next. 57kg Martinez vs Bayanova(KAZ) - KAZ gets two cautions. 2-0 at the break. Martinez showing solid defense. Goes on offense, moving well. Three TDs and a gut. Nice, nice, nice. Wins by tech 10-0. Kolawole(NGR) next. 72kg Marano get a BYE. Nitu(ROU) next. 65kg Ortega get a forfeit. Jlassi(TUN) next. Round of 16: 65kg only (biggest bracket) 65kg Ortega vs Jlassi(TUN) - Ortega on the attack. She's driving all the action. Got a little sloppy on a shot and gave up the TD. 2-2 at the break. Nice takedown off of a redirect to far ankle. Ortega wins 4-2. Nisha(IND) next. Quarterfinals: 62kg Bruntil vs Campagna(ITA) - Bruntil looks tired. Not moving crisply. Campagna is running this match. 7-0 ITA at the break. Loses 11-0. Not characteristic of Bruntil's wrestling. 53kg Heaton vs Vynnyk(UKR) - Heaton with the crotch lift, but they give UKR the points. Grrr. UKR 2-0 at the break. Heaton gets caught in a head and arm at the 2:30 mark...tight. Heaton gets out of it. UKR gets another TD. Heaton loses 6-1. Well, poop. 72kg Marano vs Nitu(ROU) - Marano in charge. Leads 5-0 at the break. Marano wins by tech 11-0. Alpyeyeva(UKR) next. 57kg Martinez vs Kolawole(NGR) - NGR looks ripped. Very strong. Martinez loses by tech 11-0 at 4:00 mark. 65kg Ortega vs Nisha(IND) - Physical match. Ortega had a nice ankle pick, gets hit with a folkstyle switch. IND 5-3 at the break. It looked like IND offered a handshake at the start of the second period, gave a quick pull on Ortega's hand and then shot off that. Grrr. IND gets a cradle. Ortega loses by fall. Team scores Nap time until the semis.
  16. Is there a publicly stated reason? I couldn't find anything.
  17. And yet, somehow, he managed to answer the question in a professional manner and to our mutual satisfaction. I guess those kind of interactions are less frequent for you, eh? What I see is that Flo could be so much more than it currently is. What they currently are is a rent-seeking, low value add service on poor infrastructure. But you seem to think that we should just be silent and grateful for what we do get, right? https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/88d52cf0-fad2-4736-ad21-4b75aba91f51 No chance that we might improve things? Walk on, Luddite.
  18. I bet. Thanks for answering.
  19. I appreciate your response and I don't mean this conversation to be aimed you personally. I have one, fairly straightforward, question that I'd like answered. What would have been the fallout if the NCAA DI tournament had suffered a similar loss of match videos?
  20. 14 losses, 3 wins. Of the 14 losses, 6 were by tech, 2 were by fall. 30 points scored for US vs 93 points scored against the US.
  21. I suspect Welker has been getting by for a while on raw athleticism. She needs a coach who can help her with basic technique. She doesn't seem to have a go to move. She just goes in and hopes for the best. Against most US 76kg women wrestlers, that'll work. Tomorrow, tomorrow, there's always tomorrow ... 53: Heaton should make the finals. She has a really good draw. The only potential bump along the way is Mariia Vynnyk (KAZ) in the quarterfinals. 57: Martinez - any win here will be a bonus. She's deep in the tough side of the bracket. 62: Bruntil looks like she should make the finals too. UKR in the semifinals might be a match. I suspect she'll face Anna Godinez Gonzalez (CAN) in the finals. 65: Ortega has a tough road. Like Martinez, any win is a bonus. 72: Marano should make the finals. She has an excellent draw in a soft bracket. US Women's team still in second place behind RUS with IND and UKR tied for third. (Shouldn't that still be RWF due to sanctions from rampant cheating at Sochi?)
  22. The commercials on Flo are so obnoxious and loud (I'm going to catch a cannonball) that I've resorted to muting all streams at the browser tab level. I thought the business model for most sane streaming companies is "You pay for the service to AVOID the ads."
  23. One of these things is not like the others....
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