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  1. I completely agree with this. And even 2 years ago, they were pretty close matches. Ultimately, I don't even think it's completely dependent on who beats who, the coaches know who they want in the lineup. Last year there were starters who were beat in the room - more than enough times to just be called a fluke, they remained starters. I would have to trust that they are looking at the big picture - which covers more than a season, for their decisions. Although I don't always like them. And sometimes wish they would coach from my seat, I know I see it clearly. ;)
  2. I do not believe last year's lineup will all be back this year. I thought Brown did a senior video last year, Edmond was said to rs this year, Kent has made several statements that last season was his last competing. I believe this is Hart's final season, I would think this is his year to AA. Mocco and Surtin as well.
  3. I agree. My son and his best friend are 5 months apart - both 19. He is in his 2nd year of college, his friend is a senior in HS.
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