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  1. Penn state is surprising to me and seems unlikely given the freestyle spots at NLWC. Gilman at 57kg and RBY at 61kg makes it hard for me to believe he would go there. Those are great training partners though and gives Penn State a great shot at 2022 NCAA team title. I can't see it lasting over a year. I want to see him at Ohio State(selfishly). Also, he could be there long term and get some of that Ohio Rudis money.
  2. If you are making your UFC debut, I think you get a 3 fight contract with an $8k to show and an additional $8k to win. Dana White is required to offer his fighters three fights per year. So that means you are guaranteed $24k and could make $48k if you go undefeated and accept 3 fights. It blows my mind that a college wrestler could make more than that. We all know the UFC underpays it's fighters, but the landscape for competitive pay with NIL is super interesting. Like is AJ Ferrari going to make more than a debuting UFC fighter? Obviously Gable Steveson is making more and this is the perfect example of why he should not go to the UFC right out of school. Just comparing what the UFC pays its fighters to what some of the best guys in college wrestling make through NIL is a very interesting lens to look through for me as the whole NIL thing matures.
  3. It might be hard for Howe and Kennedy to find jobs in the future. Their resignations come with baggage - deservingly or not, it just does. More and more schools will mandate this and we know what direction colleges lean on the political spectrum, but I am not trying to discuss that. To give up a job in Big Ten Wrestling is like retiring from basketball after making the NBA All Star Team. They sacrificed so much for this. It is wild to care more about not getting a vaccine than they care about coaching in the Big Ten.
  4. Didn't Gwiz used to be sorta part of the NLWC. He spent a lot of time there but was also part of the NC State Program?
  5. Yeah, I am not calling conspiracy. I just don't understand and this is a premier event. The wrestlers should clearly understand their seed. This isn't just about fan interpretation.
  6. I see inconsistency in the seeding criteria. It appears that 2019 results matter, but 2019 results do not matter if at a different weight than what you are competing at this weekend. 2020-2021 results matter at any weight. but they are not as important as 2019 results at the weight you are competing at this weekend. This is the only logical way to interpret what happened in the seed meeting. This explains why Downey is #13 and why Dieringer is #2 - Burroughs gets #1 because he had a medal in 2019 at a different weight. He should obviosuly be the #1, but I cannot explain with a cohesive criteria since Deakin got #3. I cannot explain Suriano at #3. I do not think I can come up with a consistent narrative to explain every weight. The reasoning above is the best I can come up with at the moment, unless someone else can shine some light on the situation for me.
  7. I'm not aware of any results, but I remember the announcement he was going Greco. In his come back for the Olympic year, he discussed quitting competition to get personal life in line and that he was just tired of competing, focused on coaching. I am going to guess that he didn't do well if he did give it a go. I don't recall any crowning achievements, but I could be wrong. Happy to be wrong here.
  8. I am in agreement with the greco guys that you cannot start your greco career fresh out of college and expect to make the team. Honestly, it is disrespectful to the greco guys to even think that. Where would Dean have even found resources to train greco? Not at Cornell
  9. I think my point stands with your sentiment in that if we can get AA's serious about Greco by providing them an avenue to the trials, then maybe we can get a deeper pool of talent domestically in Greco. Most NCAA AA's have zero chance of winning a match at Freestyle WTT and they know it. Maybe that is true in Greco too. To be clear, I do not think if this were to be implemented that an AA would be on the team in the first year. I really do like the idea though. We need more domestic competition. I think this would help long term to just expand the participation in Greco. For example, not one D1 program comes to mind when I think about Greco. Our former Greco team members do not have D1 coaching jobs. I think the best thing we can do for Greco is get it inside these college programs. The RTCs have helped freestyle tremendously. Which RTC do you associate Greco with? For me, none come to mind.
  10. We could force D1 coaches to put their athletes on a development path since they are qualified for WTT. We need Greco training at the top schools in the country. AA's qualified for Greco WTT is like a Trojan horse
  11. It seems your main point here is that coaches and wrestlers are scared of it. What better way to face that fear than to have wrestlers in 20-30 college rooms across the country qualified for Greco WTT. If none of them opt in for their spot, then we know they are scared and you would be right.
  12. I think my point stands with your sentiment in that if we can get AA's serious about Greco by providing them an avenue to the trials, then maybe we can get a deeper pool of talent domestically in Greco. Most NCAA AA's have zero chance of winning a match at Freestyle WTT and they know it. Maybe that is true in Greco too.
  13. I really liked the point Chael made about NCAA's and the World Team Trials. We need to do something to get better wrestlers in the Greco WTT. Chael's point - all NCAA All Americans should qualify for the Greco WTT. NCAA's is a feeder program and none of these AA wrestlers compete Greco. I cannot think of a single instance where a wrestler wins NCAA's and decides they are using their qualification to go to Greco WTT instead of the Freestyle WTT. I bet it has never happened. Because of this, we should widen the net. This would bring more eyes to Greco and get more talent inside the USA Greco circuit. I think these All Americans would be surprised by how well they do, or at least be motivated by failure to keep going. My proposal - Obviously, we do not want half the Greco bracket to be NCAA All Americans, but I propose that Greco gets four qualifying spots but the higher placing wrestler gets priority. If 2nd, 3rd, and 4th want to go but 5th does not, then the next highest placing wrestler that opts in gets in the tournament(6th-8th). We know the NCAA Champion will go to the Freestyle trials.
  14. Thank you! I was not aware and clearly I do not pay much attention to Greco. You would think something like this occurring would bring attention to Greco. We never have any guys with freestyle resume(or any NCAA resume either for that matter), step into Greco. Greco needs people we know stepping on the mat. I did not see this covered anywhere and could not find an article on Flo mentioning it.
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