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  1. https://wrestletalk.com/news/gable-steveson-wwe-contract-roster-status/ Per the link above “Gable Steveson is still under contract with WWE and training to be a pro wrestler with the company. Obviously the original plan was to get him up and running at WrestleMania right after winning the NCAA tournament and it’s a slower process than that. “There was some question because he’s not in Orlando as all the other prospects are. He is not in current plans or on the list of talent to be used right now. He is still under contract and hasn’t left Minnesota. “One can speculate that maybe he is going for another year of college wrestling, although if that was the case that should come out any week now since the season starts in a few months. He had talked about it and is training with Ken Anderson, the former Mr. Kennedy.”
  2. RBY is who you are forgetting(I think. You might be trolling). Eierman, but we will have to wait and see if he is competitive with these guys again. And then Mendez and Bouzakis might make big gains by then, but I would be surprised if they could beat the guys you listed. Fix and Gross will go 57kg.
  3. How much time do you think Yianni and Dake spent training together? Do they drill together? Does Dake coach Yianni. I am sure he learned a lot of mentality from Dake but I did not get the sense that they were close.
  4. I voted Spencer Lee and then thought about it and he may not get a high enough match count. Also, hopefully they do not split it between the 2 four timers next year.
  5. Not suggesting that at all. I am suggesting that NLWC is not going to change him or how he approaches competition.
  6. I would assume there are definitely Muslim women winning medals from one of these countries - Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Indian, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Nigeria, Azerbaijan. I am probably missing a few but these countries have big Muslim populations and have women's wrestling.
  7. Nobody is going to change Dake. He is winning world titles. Why would he change? He can fit in any world class room in the world. It's about what works.
  8. any idea why there are 2 matches at 165lbs and if the winners wrestle each other
  9. I hope the wrestlers dont put on their college singlets and can throw a few sponsors on some custom singlets. Makes total sense that they would do that unless they are forced to wear an event singlet. I do not know if they sign some sort of contract about it, but hopefully nobody stops the wrestlers from doing that.
  10. A problem here is that college feeds into the interest of Freestyle because we can follow athletes as they move into senior level. We do not get to know any Greco guys while they are in college before they make the team. they should highlight good foreign Greco guys. I mean they pay for the video rights. If we cannot gain traction for following US Greco guys who are not winning medals, help us learn about some of the Greco stars from other countries. That is not a bad place to start. So when an American can knock down these successful Greco guys from other countries that they have hyped up, it can elevate the brand of our guys. They should hire somebody specifically for Greco. Maybe they don't do that up front and start by promoting it themselves ahead of hiring a guy for Greco like they call Kozak their freestyle guy. This is a no brainer. Let him do it all from Greco technique videos to letting us know about Greco happening for all age groups.
  11. I think I heard Willie say it a couple years ago when he leftFlo about how Flo has positioned themselves to constantly be in a conflicted position. They want to be everyones buddy and doesn't allow for any editorializing.
  12. Seriously what is going on? Hancock, our best greco guy quits for seemingly monetary reasons for a career in WWE. Head coach change like 75 days out from Worlds. Two more lineup changes that we are only made aware of 5 days out from competition. I am not the guy to hate on Flo, but this would be covered much much differently if this happened to the freestyle team. I would be more interested if it were the freestyle team. But still, this is wild and real journalism or coverage is not happening.
  13. The offer must have expired soon to be accepting it 5 weeks out from the World Championships. Although this is very strange, good for him. More possible longevity in the WWE(although it did not seem like anyone was challenging him for his job anytime soon) and clearly money would be a big factor. It sucks we can't retain our top Greco talent. Hancock is 25 years old.
  14. Pat Pop totally cleaned house when he took over at NC State. He kicked everyone off the team that had gotten in any sort of trouble prior to him getting there and cut their scholarships. The only starters that remained were Gantt and Palma from what I understand. Seriously, look up their 2011-12 vs 2012-13 lineups. That team was wild before he showed up. Not saying something didn't need to change, but his team policies are extreme. It is probably better to recruit kids that want to live a more straight and narrow life than to force it on kids.
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