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  1. I think something that is being ignored here is the bottom wrestler. Bottom wrestlers have to do so much more to not get called for stalling. Top guy follows(which is hard and very much a skill) and gets rewarded. The bottom guy puts himself in a position to score over and over(standing up) and the top guy can be rewarded yet he never even threatens a score and just tries to stop you from scoring to get a riding time point. It takes a lot of points off the board and it can be boring. In the 184 finals, Amine did not stop moving but could not get away from Brooks.
  2. Feldman is winning everything domestically. Literally everything and in impressive fashion. I do not follow it closely, but as a tOSU fan I just pay attention to their recruits. Has he not made a Cadet or Junior World team? Has he tried? Maybe that is his goal this summer. I agree that he should redshirt because he is a heavyweight and kids mature a lot physically that first year in college weight rooms and just being 19yo.
  3. Is this speculation? In 2024: 125 - Gonzales 133 - Bouzakis 141 - Mendez 149 - Sasso 157 - Gallagher 165 - Kharchla 174 - Geog, Rocco Welsh 184 - Rocky, Rocco Welsh 197 - Hoffman, Shumate 285 - Feldman
  4. Is Ohio State going to be better in 2023 than in 2024? A lot of young prospects and Heinselman, Smith, and Romero will be gone. Rocky Jordan will replace Romero and he was a blood round guy last year, but Tom Ryan does say he puts his best team on the mat every year. That mindset might need to change when they are not a top 3 team at the moment.
  5. It was my understanding before NCAAs that tOSU recruited Shumate to replace Hoffman next year at 197. Hoffman had a great tournament and maybe Shumate redshirts now
  6. since when did the top 3 at NCAAs qualify for world team trials. I believe it was only the NCAA champion that qualified for OTT, but I do not recall it being top 3 in any previous years. Am I wrong? Is this new? https://usaw-public.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/forms/2022_MFS_World_Team_Trials.pdf
  7. What browser are you using? That is concerning. I think I will have to try between the phone app and an HDMI cord between my tv and computer I do not think airplay would have anything to do with the app(Rudis+) being used. That is not a Rudis problem. The tech for airplay has nothing to do with the apps being used, it is between the phone and the TV.
  8. I think the decrease in falls is attributed to the implementation of the tech fall rule. Surprised it took so long for someone to mention this. The increase in OT is interesting. I have not seen any good explanations for this. What gives? Maybe the average points scored per match decreased. Tech falls would need to be removed from that data set to determine this.
  9. He did not specifically say what he would be doing. He is an incredible person. He will figure it out. Maybe he finds some sort of role with USAW. I am not sure. It was just very clear that he did not want to coach and he will not be going into MMA.
  10. Burroughs said on Joe Rogan that he wants to be the example of how you can be a superstar wrestler but not have to move into coaching or MMA as a career path. Give it a listen. It is great. I think that interview answers your question.
  11. I was not aware of the forfeit until now. Already qualified and wrestling bad that weekend, so why risk another loss. Do you think that is what happened?
  12. Tulsa is one hour away from Stillwater. Very strange. Even if he cannot drive, I am sure he could have gotten a ride from some redshirt. No matter what anyone says about this, this is not something a team captain would do.
  13. Can someone please link the NCAA seeding criteria? Is the below article still up to date? It is four years old, so I am unsure. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6131827-how-does-the-ncaa-seeding-process-work
  14. Indiana was bad for years and did not care what kind of job Goldman was doing. Unfortunately, Dubuque was training high school kids back in 2012 and lost his job in the middle of the season. He is part of a great Princeton program now. Nick Simmons was there as an assistant to Goldman for a while before they handed the job over to Escobedo. I doubt Escobedo was the best guy for the job, but I am assuming they wanted to give it to an alumni and they liked him personally. Great coaches would do anything for a Big Ten coaching role. It is as if administrators do not realize this. I think the turnover should be higher in the Big Ten at the head coaching position.
  15. This was my prediction. I had been saying since Parris lost to Kerkvliet in the dual that 3rd place in the Big Tens gets you on the same side as Gable.
  16. There are no additional payments needed for access to the entire FloSports platform
  17. Dude, he did not say anything wrong. Lacrosse has grown as a sport, no doubt, but it is still on the chopping block today. Comparing it to the 80s is disingenuous because it was not popular at all back then. The programs he listed get cut first in situations today. Especially in the past two years when these AD's cite COVID as a reason to cut sports because of financial hits taken in 2020.
  18. Hard to afford a ring without a job. I wasn't thinking about marriage until two years out of college, but I definitely needed more than a year out of college and working to afford a ring. Definitely hard to manage having a kid in college without financial support or being in close proximity to family. I am unsure if colleges offer assistance for these situations, though. But I am sure there are government programs available. Bo Jordan was married with a kid as a sophomore, I believe. That is the only other college wrestler that comes to mind.
  19. I hope Desanto continues to wrestle freestyle after college. He is a few adjustments away from scoring a lot more takedowns
  20. Does anyone know how many people can be signed in to Rudis+ at the same time? I plan to share this year long subscription with my dad if possible. I have no other reason to use the platform pending any new cards that are announced. So can two computers be signed into the same login at the same time?
  21. I cannot recall a time when a Penn State wrestler gassed.
  22. There is a big difference. And if you place 2nd at Big Tens, then you are getting seeded 3rd at NCAAs. 3rd place finish at Big Tens gets you 4th seed. 4th place or less at Big Tens could possibly get you on the other half of the bracket from Gable at at NCAAs.
  23. So we are set that the BIG Ten seeds will go as such. Gable > Cass > Kerk > Parris Then that mean Parris wrestles for 3rd at Big Tens. Is there any way the fourth place finisher in the Big Tens can get the 6 seed? Hendrickson can definitely jump in there with an undefeated season and Big 12 title. Maybe Parris should forfeit to 6th after the semis. Sounds crazy, but he does not have that much to gain in placing 3rd in the Big Tens(NCAA seeding wise). If you get 3rd at Big Tens, you are going to be seeded 4th at NCAAs. Placing 4th at the Big Tens could get you down to the 6th seed assuming Hendrickson wins out or maybe Wood or Traxler could get up there with conference titles. In theory, 4th is better than 3rd for NCAA seeds. Unless team title is on the line at Big Tens, Parris should end his tournament with a loss to Gable.
  24. NCAA Seeds: 1. Gable 2. Schultz 3-6. Parris/Kerk/Cass/Wood? We really do not know who will get the 2 seed at Big Tens. It seems like Parris is a lock on the 4 seed a Big Tens, so no matter what I see him at 4/5 at NCAAs. Could the 4th place finisher at Big Tens slide down to the 6th seed? Would it have to be Parris for this to happen, or could Kerk slide into 6th as well with a 4th place finish at Big Tens? Could Virginia Tech's(1 loss) or Air Force's(undefeated) HWT get a good seed with a conference title? It feels like only Wood could jump one of the four Big Ten HWTs, or maybe I am speculating too much and 3-5 can only be Parris/Kerk/Cass
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